Setting Up A Netis Router Using Netis Wf2411 As An Example

Setting Up A Netis Router Using Netis Wf2411 As An Example

In this manual you will find all the necessary information on configuring the Netis WF2411 router. I’ll introduce the complete configuration of a new router to work with the provider, setting up a Wi-Fi network, setting a password for a wireless network, etc.

I really liked the Netis WF2411 control panel. Everything is done very simply and thought out. Everything is clear, besides there is the Russian language. I think there will be no problems with the setup, especially with such a cool instruction as this &# 128578;

Out of habit, we will configure the router according to the standard scheme:

  • I will show how to connect Netis WF2411 to the Internet and to a computer.
  • We’ll go into the settings of our router and configure the Internet (connection to the provider). We will consider the settings for both dynamically obtaining IP and for PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP.
  • Next, configure Wi-Fi on Netis, and set a password on the wireless network.
  • Set a password to protect the settings of the router.

This manual will work without problems for the new router you just bought, or for reconfiguration. If your router used to work with another provider, or you already tried to configure it, then I recommend make a reset. To do this, connect power to the router, and for 10 seconds hold the Default button recessed into the case. After this procedure, you can begin to configure Netis WF2411 (or another model that you have)

Connecting a Netis Router

First of all, connect the power cable to the router and plug it into a power outlet. Further, in the WAN connector of the router, you need to connect the Internet (cable from the Internet provider), or from the ADSL modem. It looks like this:

Now we need to connect to the router from the device from which we will configure it. If you have a desktop computer or laptop, it is best to connect it to the Netis WF2411 using the network cable that comes with the kit. We connect one end of the cable to the router in LAN connector, and the second end to the network card of the computer.

If you want to configure the router over Wi-Fi, then just connect to the wireless network that appears immediately after turning on the router. It will have something like this name: "netis_C2323B". To connect, you will need to use a standard password. I have: "password". The network name and standard password are indicated on the bottom of the router.

After connecting to the router, you can begin to configure it.

Internet Setup on Netis WF2411

Open any browser (the manufacturer recommends Chrome or Internet Explorer), I configure through Opera. In the address bar, type the address, or, and follow it. The page with the router settings will open. I have prepared a separate instruction for entering Netis settings.

If you want, then before setting up, you can update the firmware of your router. You can do this according to the instructions in which I wrote about the firmware of Netis routers. You can update the software after the setup.

You will see a page with quick settings. On it, you can configure the connection to the Internet provider, and Wi-Fi. But first of all, I advise you to change the language of the control panel to Russian, and by clicking on the button Advanced, go to advanced settings. There we are all set up.

Next, go to the left tab NetworkWan. Here are some very important settings, if they are set incorrectly, then the Netis WF2411 router will not be able to connect to the Internet and distribute it. What type of connection does your Internet provider use, you need to check with the provider. It can be: Dynamic IP, Static IP, PPPoE, L2TP, PPTP. If your connection type is not Dynamic IP, then you should also have parameters for the connection: username, password, and possibly an IP address. This data is provided by the provider.

In the drop down menu WAN Connection Type we select our type of connection, and if necessary, set the necessary parameters.

For example, setting up a popular connection PPPoE (Beeline, on a Netis router will look like this:

To save the settings, click on the button Save. If you need to set any special parameters, for example: clone a MAC address, set DNS addresses, server name, etc., then click on the button Extended, and additional settings will open.

Configuring Wi-Fi, and setting a password on the Netis WF2411 router

Under the wireless network setup, I will introduce a change in the name of this same network. If the standard name does not suit you. And of course, I advise you to protect your Wi-Fi network with a good password.

Setting Up A Netis Router Using Netis Wf2411 As An Example

To do this, go to the tab in the settings Wireless modeWi-Fi Settings (if necessary, select a 2.4G network, or 5G, if the router is dual-band) On this page, we are interested in the SSID field, where we write the name of our wireless network.

To set a password, in the drop-down menu Authentication type select WPA2-PSK. And in the field Password, create and write down a password that will be used to connect to your Wi-Fi. Password must be at least 8 characters, English letters and numbers.

Other parameters are better not to change. Press button Save. After that, you will need to connect to Wi-Fi already with the new password that we set. Try not to forget it, and if you forget, then this article will come in handy.

If you changed only the password, then on computers that have previously connected to this network, an error may appear: "Windows failed to connect to", or "Network settings stored on this computer do not meet the requirements of this network". In this case, you just need to delete the network on the computer, and reconnect.

Set a password to protect settings

Everyone who will connect to your router will be able to access its settings. Therefore, I advise you to set a password, a request for which will appear when you enter the control panel. To do this, go to the settings tab SystemPassword. Provide a username, recommend admin, and specify a password twice. This password will need to be entered only when entering the settings. Press button Save.

Now when you enter the settings of your Netis WF2411, you will be prompted for a username and password.

That’s all, now the settings of our router are reliably protected. The main thing is not to forget this password, otherwise you will have to do a factory reset.

I showed the basic settings, after which you can connect to the router and use the Internet. He is completely ready to go. Such instructions as: setting up IPTV, blocking clients, port forwarding, etc., I will prepare in separate articles.

If you still have questions about the settings of Netis WF2411, then leave them in the comments. Describe your case well, and I will try to help with advice.