Setting Up Iptv On Samsung TV 7 Series

Setting Up Iptv On Samsung TV 7 Series

IPTV setup on Samsung Smart TV C / D / E series (starting from version 5)

Pay attention to the marking of the TV, make sure that it can really start (play) iptv. Now generally accepted marking is used. some older models have completely different indexes.

how to configure iptv

For example TV: Samsung Smart TV UE55ES7507
– the first letter defines the type of TV: U. LED, it happens the same way: L. LCD, P. "plasma";
– the second letter indicates the region: E. Europe;
– the following numbers indicate the screen size (diagonal): respectively 55;
The following notation is very important for IPTV on TV:
– further the letter designating a year of release:
C series. 2010 TV,
Series D. 2011 TV,
Series E. 2012 TV,
series A (2008), B (2009) will not work;
– the first figure following: 7, indicates the version of the lineup, the higher the trickier the TV, everything above 5 will do;
– the following figures determine the sub-series of the product, it is not worth focusing on them. products of different sub-series may, for example, have significant differences in appearance.

Equally important is the presence of an Ethernet (LAN) input (or Wi-Fi adapter) in the TV and the presence of Smart TV software, be sure to pay attention to this! That’s all.

And so fix:
Samsung Smart TV UE55ES7507. you can watch IPTV
Samsung Smart TV PS51E557D1. you can watch IPTV
Samsung Smart TV UE32EH5300. you can watch IPTV
Samsung PS43E451. you can not watch IPTV (only if through the console)
Samsung PS50C431A2W. you can not watch IPTV (only if through the console)
etc. This is shown as an example, your numbers may vary, see the marking!

To watch IPTV, you need to connect the TV through a router (router) that is connected to Bitl.Net. this device must be pre-configured so that the IPTV router does not block the signal and redirects it to your network. Read the router setup section. You can connect the cable from Beatle.Net to the TV directly (without a router), but note that on the TV in the current standard firmware (for September 2012), PPPoE connection settings (for the Internet) are not provided!

Video: Setting Up Iptv On Samsung TV 7 Series

For the initial installation of the player on a TV for viewing IPTV, you must have the Internet! In short, the Internet will be needed in any case, because Smart TV without the Internet is not Smart TV, and will not work at all, since it takes all the information via the Internet, make sure it is available in advance!

Attention! In different versions of Smart TV, the name of the buttons (different translations) or other interface elements may vary up to a “different appearance”, for example, the Start button may be called “Start” or something else. Be careful.

1. Connect the cable from the router to the network card of the TV.

2. Network setting on the TV

2.1. On the remote control (remote control), press the MENU button, select: Network.> Network settings.

2.2. Click Start. the network will automatically configure for the TV. the router will assign the IP address and other network settings to the TV.

Click OK.
Network setup is complete!

3. Installing the nStreamLmod widget.

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nStreamLmod is a video player program, capable of playing streaming video, understands.xml and.m3u playlists.

3.1. Launch the Smart Hub. press the appropriate button for the remote control.

3.2. Press the red button A: 4 on the remote control

3.3. A login window will appear, enter in the fields:

Uch. app. Samsung: develop
Password: 123456
Click the Login button.

3.4. Go back to the slave. Smart Hub table, press TOOLS button on the remote control: 7

3.5. Select Development, then select Configure Server IP Address.


3.6. Select Sync user applications, wait for the installation to complete.

3.7. Go back to the slave. table in the Smart Hub, pay attention to the new icon that has appeared.

The installation of the nStreamLmod widget is complete.

4. View IPTV.

4.1. Select the TTK PLAYER icon (nStreamLmod), run.

4.2. Select a playlist from the TTK, press the Enter button on the remote control.

In order for the Yandex program to work correctly, it is necessary to specify the region in the settings of the nStreamLmod player.

Launch the nStreamLmod player, press the TOOLS button on the remote control, the settings will open, find the corresponding field.

Enter the Yandex region code: 63. Also, to correctly display the time in the program from Yandex (by the way, the time in the nStreamLmod program is automatically synchronized over the Internet), set the following values ​​in the settings:

TV time: 0
Time zone: 8
Program Time Shift: 0

To save changes to the settings, press the Enter button on the remote control.

4.3. Choose any channel, run.

If everything is done correctly, the router is configured (and not that does not block the IPTV signal), then you should see a “picture”.

In the right window of the player you can watch the program of the television channel. this is the program from Yandex.

In addition to the IPTV playlists from TTK, by default there are other playlists in the nStreamLmod player, you can find a lot of interesting things there)) for example: a list of IMDB Top films or just the latest movies in high quality.
Now you can watch all these films.