Setting Up The Asus Router As A Repeater (Wi-Fi Network Repeater Mode)

Setting Up The Asus Router As A Repeater (Wi-Fi Network Repeater Mode)

On the Internet you can find many articles on how to configure the router in repeater mode, but most of them do not apply to all the subtleties. For this reason, this article will be devoted to all the nuances and details that you need to know if the router will work as a network extender. For this example, the Asus RT-N12 model will be used. It does not matter which company the main equipment distributing the network has. It can be any manufacturer.

Why do I need a repeater?

The main task of the repeater is to expand the range of the wireless connection. The need for its appearance arises in cases where the signal strength is not enough to cover the entire space of the apartment. Most models of modern routers can be used not only for their intended purpose, but also to strengthen the network created by another device. The general scheme of work is presented in the image.

It is important to note that there will be only one Wi-Fi network. The second router will duplicate the parameters of the main one. At the same time, devices that connect to the network will switch from one router to another in automatic mode. The amplifier will also allow you to connect via a network cable.

You can improve the Wi-Fi signal without resorting to connecting a repeater: How to amplify the WiFi signal. Perhaps the changes described in the article will be enough.

How to configure Asus router as a repeater?

  1. Log in to the admin panel of the router. To do this, specify the address in the browser. An authorization window will appear where you will be required to enter your login and key. If they have not changed, then the values ​​will be admin admin. If you changed the data during the setup, specify the new values. If you can’t log in, then it is recommended that you look at the detailed login instructions for If you have problems, read the instructions for entering the ASUS router and the general article with potential problems
  2. Go to the section Administration. Mode of operation. The toggle switch should be set to Repeater Mode Then apply the settings. To do this, click Save.
  3. A list of available wireless connections opens in a new window. Click on the name of the connection to be duplicated.
  1. In the field, enter the password to enter this connection and click on the button Connection.
  1. The next step is passing the settings. To do this, check the box opposite the line. Use the default settings. Then the parameters are saved by clicking on the button To apply.
  1. The connection process starts. It is necessary to wait for its full completion.
Setting Up The Asus Router As A Repeater (Wi-Fi Network Repeater Mode)
  1. If all operations are carried out correctly, a message appears that the network is configured. An example is shown in the image.

Next, check that there is no network cable in the WAN port. You can also not change the SSID value. Question Ip address should be considered more carefully. In general, the router is configured to work. It relays the signal. In the settings you can see that only one network is available. Devices will connect to the router, the signal from which is stronger.

You can install the amplifier in the place where the signal is, but weak. It is important that the network is available, as the amplifier also needs a network to broadcast all the settings. After rebooting the repeater or reconnecting it, the network will be amplified automatically, and all equipment will be located on the same network.

How to log in to the administration section of the Asus router when it is connected as an amplifier

When the router is functioning as an amplifier, accessing its administration panel by the traditional method will not work. Settings at will not be available. This is due to the fact that the main equipment distributes IP addresses in automatic mode to all devices connected to it. Therefore, there are only 3 options to get into the board.

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  1. Enter in browser When it is downloaded, a window will open in which the ip address of your router will be searched automatically. Then it will be possible to log in to the administration panel. But when checking this method, the equipment indicated in the example (Asus RT-N12) was not found. Login to the panel did not work.
  2. Asus manufacturers produce not only equipment, but also utilities for it. Directly to detect the ip addresses of repeaters, software was created under the name Discovery. Its performance is guaranteed. Download software at this link. It should be downloaded, unzipped to the desktop and installed. After that, you can start and click on the button Search. When the necessary equipment is found, press the button Configuration. The page with the parameters will load.

Difficulties can arise only if the anti-virus program blocks access to this utility. Then anti-virus protection should be removed.

  1. The third option is to find out the IP address in the panel of the main router. To do this, go to the section List of clients. There, select the necessary equipment and find out its parameters. On it you can go to the administration panel. For TP-link, this data is shown in the DHCP section. DHCP Clients List.

How to return the equipment to the traditional method of functioning?

In some cases, it becomes necessary to return the equipment to work in standard mode. This is easy enough to do. First you need to go to his administration panel. There, in the section Administration indicates a new mode of operation. It must be installed Wireless router (default). After that, apply the changes by clicking on the button Save.

A new window will open. It should include data for a new wireless connection. This is its name and connection key.

Then the box should be overloaded. When the procedure is completed, you can connect to the administration panel using the link

When for some reason it doesn’t return to the previous operating mode, you can collect parameters. How this procedure is performed is described in this article.

This is the basic information on how to configure the router as an amplifier, find out its basic parameters and return it to its original state.

If you have a problem logging into your router’s personal account, depending on your model, read the general entry and problem solving article:

  • Authorization under the administrator and fixing errors in the article: admin;
  • Frequent login error at and other errors. 192.168.01 login to the router and error correction.

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