Setting Up The Asus Rt-Ac52u Router

Setting Up The Asus Rt-Ac52u Router

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The outgoing year 2015 in the development of wireless networks was marked by the appearance on the market of a large number of dual-band routers with support for the 802.11ac standard, and in a very wide price range from inexpensive Chinese Totolink and Netis to chic items Zyxel, Netgear, Linksys, whose price exceeds 10,000 rubles . ASUS, not wanting to lag behind competitors, also issued more than a dozen devices. The initial and cheapest in the lineup was the RT-AC52U. We’ll talk about it in detail now.
Externally, the router is made in an inclined vertical case with a stand and without external antennas. If necessary, it can of course be laid horizontally on the front surface, but this option is inconvenient in that indicators will not be visible.
The basis of the hardware stuffing of the router of the ASUS RT-AC52U router is the MediaTek MT7620A chip with an operating frequency of 580 MHz, exactly the same as in the Zyxel Keenetic Omni. But he already has twice as much memory – 128 MB versus 64 MB. The MediaTek MT7610E controller is responsible for the wireless network module – it is very old and very budgetary, which is why the router in the usual 2.4 GHz band has only one antenna and the speed is not higher than 150 Mb / s. In the 5 GHz range, the theoretical speed is 433 Mb / s.

Basic Router Setup

The IP address of the Asus router on the local network is Login – admin, default password – admin. When you first enter the configurator, the Quick Setup Wizard should appear. If desired, you can configure the RT-AC52U router with it, but its capabilities are very limited. The full web interface is as follows:

Internet connection

All settings for external connection with the ISP provider are in the Internet menu section.> "Connection".
The vast majority of providers in Russia and neighboring countries use the protocol PPPoE. To configure it, select the appropriate option in the "WAN Connection Type" list:

“Obtaining the WAN IP address” and “DNS WAN settings” are left in automatic mode. In the fields “Username” and “Password” we enter the data for authorization obtained at the conclusion of the contract.

If the provider uses the “Dynamic IP” type, select “Automatic IP” in the list of types:

To configure the Asus router for Beeline, select the “L2TP” type:

Obtaining IP and DNS addresses is left in automatic mode. Enter the username in the "Username" field (usually this is the personal account number). Below we enter the password for the connection and click the "Apply" button.

How to set up WiFi

In the main menu, select the item "Wireless Network". We are interested in the "General" tab:

In the “Range” list, you need to choose which range you will configure 2.4 or 5 GHz. To configure normal WiFi, you need to select the 2.4 GHz band. In the “SSID” field, enter the name of your Wi-Fi network. Below you must set the "Authentication Method".> "WPA2-Personal." In the "WPA Pre-shared Key" field, you need to think up and enter a password that will be requested from clients connecting via WiFi.

For the 5 GHz frequency range, select “5GHz” in the list:

Otherwise, everything is exactly the same – you need to specify the name of the Wi-Fi network, then select the type of encryption, invent and enter a password for the connection. Apply the settings.

Digital Television IPTV

Setting Up The Asus Rt-Ac52u Router

To set up interactive television Rostelecom, Beeline,, etc. on the ASUS RT-AC52U router, go to the “Local Area Network” menu section ->"IPTV":

In the list of profiles you need to select your Digital TV provider (if it is present there, of course). Then, in the "Select IPTV STB port" field, select the number of the Ethernet port into which the set-top box is connected.

If your provider is not in the list of supported ones, try to enable “IGMP Proxy”.
If you need to specify a VLAN identifier for television to work, the Asus RT-AC52U router will not work for this, since existing firmware cannot work with traffic tagging.

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ASUS RT-AC52U router setup: 2 comments

Tell me, plz, Asus DSL_AC52U, there is a need to raise vpn. I registered addresses other than local ones, but with “VPN ON”, the lokalka remains without the Internet. Is there something else to be turned on in the router?

Post screenshots of settings in our VK group – try to help