Setting Up The Asus Rt-N12 Router

Setting Up The Asus Rt-N12 Router

ASUS RT-N12 is a very popular device that belongs to the budget options. It contains all the necessary characteristics for the successful operation of a regular home, social or work network. The device is a portable Wi-Fi access point, which has a data transfer rate of up to 150 megabits per second (possible Internet speed). The operating frequency of this device is 2.4 GHz. According to the standard, it has 4 network (regular cable) ports, these are standard features for the ASUS RT router, which are needed for direct connection to a desktop computer.

Overview of all bulbs and connectors

The front part contains 7 indicators that will make it clear the status of the device at this moment.

Number 1 we have designated the most important LED indicator. This is a power indicator. The indicator can have several configurations:

  1. The light is off. This means that there is no power, or the device is simply turned off.
  2. The light flashes with a large amplitude. This means that the router is just starting up.
  3. The light blinks with a small amplitude, quickly. This means that automation is taking place.
  4. The light is on without blinking. This means that the system is loaded and can be used.

Number 2 we have identified an indicator that determines the status of the Wi-Fi router ASUS RT N12 D1 at the moment. It has three configurations:

1. The light is off. No power or wireless may be turned off.

2. The light is blinking. This means that information is being transmitted.

3. The light just burns. The device is ready to transfer data, but no packet exchange is currently taking place.

Number 3 we have designated an indicator that determines the connection of the router to the Internet. Just two configurations:

1. Off. no internet. This may be due to non-payment, due to communication problems, due to disconnection from the Internet in the equipment settings.

2. Lit. everything should work properly.

Numbers 4-7 Local port status indicators are indicated. Three configurations for each:

1. Off. the cord is disconnected.

2. The light flashes. information is being exchanged.

3. The light is just on. this is a sign that the port is busy with the cable connecting the PC to the network.

On the rear panel are connectors and switches. There are no indicators on it.

1. WPS button (starting from the right side of the side), which is used to quickly enter the network.

2. WAN port, it is designed to connect the Internet cable to the router.

3. Four network ports that are needed to directly connect a PC to the router via cables.

4. Micro connector for the power cord.

5. The on and off key.

6. Reset key. It is inside the hole, clamp it for seven seconds to reset to factory settings. At the factory settings there is a standard password and login.

How to install a router

Installing a router is not a tricky business and will not take much time. Connecting and configuring takes more. First, check the availability of all components so that the installation is correct:

· Internet cable, which must be provided by the company or provider.

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· For the first installation, you need to use a local (direct) Internet connection so that there is no interference.

Once you have found everything you need, you can proceed to a fairly simple installation. First you need to figure out how to connect the Internet to the router using an Internet cable. We designated the connector for this cable with the number 2. After that, you need to connect using a network LAN cable. It remains only to connect the router to power by inserting one end of the power cord into a 220-volt power supply network, and the other side into the socket under number 4. Then press the power key. We act in that order.

Install, as you see, is not difficult. After these steps, the router should start to start. This completes the installation of the router, further debugging is done using a specific page built into the router.

Configure ASUS RT-N12

To configure the router, you need any browser. As the website address, write “” or “”. without quotation marks.

Attention! A PC or laptop should be connected specifically to the router, and not to the Internet cable.

After going to the page, a window with data entry fields will appear.

Here you need to register the username (user name) and password (password). When the router is only purchased, by default the login and password are the same there. “admin”. After full debugging, it is recommended to change both username and password to exclude the possibility of hacking.

There are times when the router has already been operated before, then the username and password are sometimes different from the standard ones. In order to fix the ASUS RT N12 device, the firmware returns to its original state. To do this, hold down the key, which was indicated above with the number 6. Clamp it with some thin object, the easiest way is a paper clip. Hold the key for 7 seconds. After that, all the changed settings of the router will go to the initial state.

If these manipulations do not help, the router does not return to the standard settings, then the setting should be performed by a specialist whose working range includes ASUS RT N12 firmware. You can independently cope with this task, but the firmware of the router is not a standard situation for the average user. Reflashing a router is much more difficult.

Internet connection with full setup

In order to connect the Internet to the router, on the website that opens, go to the router settings. Then. “advanced settings”. Select the “WAN” item we need (this is the Internet connection setting).

In the main settings, you need to set the following data:

· Type of WAN connection. choose PPPoE (the most popular) or for Beeline L2TP (you need to check with the provider).

· Enable WAN. our yes choice.

· Enable NAT. our yes choice.

· Enable UPnP. our yes choice.

In the next window, under the name, configure the WAN IP address opposite the line we need to "Get the WAN IP address automatically", the answer is yes.

Configuring DNS WAN, similar to the items that went earlier, opposite “Connect to a DNS server automatically”, you need to set the option. “yes”.

In the username field, as you might have guessed, you need to register your number or login, which is provided by the Internet provider to perform Internet access.

Some fields are allowed to be skipped. In the VPN server, enter the one that your Internet provider provides. If you are setting up an ASUS RT N12 router for Beeline, then this is “”, nothing needs to be noted for Rostelecom.

After all this procedure, click on the "Apply" button. This completes the setup of the Internet on the router.

Internet connection with quick setup

Quick setup ASUS RT N12 can significantly reduce the time it takes to fully configure the router. On the main page of the router, press the "Go" or "Go" key.

The router then automatically detects the type of connection you have. Although he himself will determine the necessary parameters, but login and password to the Internet will still need to be set with pens in the WiFi settings.

Wireless Setting

Configuring ASUS RT N12 in wi-fi mode is quite simple thanks to the “quick setup”. The final step in quick setup is debugging your wireless settings. Here you can set the SSID and network key or password.

We recommend that you do not register a password on a wifi router, such as from 1 to 9.

They also perform manual tuning. Here we go to the "Wireless Network" window, we need to set only a few parameters. Among them:

· “SSID” is the name for detecting your ASUS RT N12 Wi-Fi router. Register in Latin letters (English).

· Field "Authentication Method". here we definitely highlight WPA2-Personal, which will help protect your Internet from unwanted users.

· "WPA Pre-shared Key". the key or password for your Wai-Fay. Enter when connected to Wi-Fi. Register a key no shorter than eight characters.

Now you can save the settings. Right now, the configuration of the ASUS RT N12 WiFi router is absolutely complete. You can connect all the devices that are in the apartment, and use Wi-Fi’s at least on a washing machine.

Small addition

How to forward ports? Let’s talk about how to open ports on the ASUS RT N12 C1 router, here the setting is quick. Since this is just an addition, the instruction will be very concise. We act according to this scheme: (address).> LAN tab-> DHCP server window> field Enable manual assignment. "Yes".> MAC address (here you need to select the desired computer, which will be assigned a static address).> Select and apply (after choosing the right PC).

If this does not help, then check your antivirus and firewall.