Setting Up the Built-in Receiver In a Lg 32 TV

It’s no secret that in our country there is a transition from analogue television to digital. There are reasons for this innovation: the quality of digital television is much better. But not all TVs support the new broadcast format automatically. If you have an LG TV and don’t know how to set up digital broadcasting on it, then this article will help you.

How to check the reception of numbers?

In order to connect a new broadcast format, you need a tuner (“receiver”), which can be built-in (most new TVs) or external, which is a separate device and connected to a TV. TVs with a built-in tuner “catch” digital channels immediately after connecting the antenna cable to the corresponding connector and channel settings. For older TVs, an external receiver is required.

How do I know if there is a tuner, do I need an external receiver?

How to check your TV for signal reception? Usually the necessary information is printed on the TV packaging and its operating instructions. As a rule, the presence of the “DVB-T2” mark indicates support for the “numbers”.

Setting Up the Built-in Receiver In a Lg 32 TV

How to set up a prefix?

If you have an old-style TV that does not support the T2 signal, then you need to purchase an external tuner. An antenna is connected to it. After a little tweaking, you can enjoy the new broadcast format.

The choice of digital tuners is wide and varied, they differ in functions, appearance and some other characteristics. But they all support the T2 signal, and most have a USB connector, where you can connect a USB drive and watch movies, photos, or listen to music. Also, many receivers allow you to record broadcasting and connect to the Internet.

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Which Lji models support signal reception?

The 22le3300 and lf20f 30 models have a built-in tuner with the ability to receive broadcasts, which can be configured using the remote control, but for a model such as le32s81bx, a prefix is ​​needed to convert to a digit. A list of some LG TVs that support digital television and receive a T2 signal is shown below. A complete list can be found on the official website of the manufacturer.

All of these models are LCD type.

How to transfer TV broadcasting to a digit using the remote control?

Transfer to the “digital" LG brand TV is easy. Search for digital channels is carried out in the TV settings. There are slight differences depending on the model (without Smart TV, with the new Smart TV system (webOS) and the old one).

On the new LG Smart TV, to connect channels in the new broadcast format, you need:

  1. Enter the settings using the SETTINGS button on the remote control. The second way is through the Smart TV menu.
  2. After that, go to the “Channels” menu and select “Channel Search and Settings”.
  3. Next, a mark is made on "Terrestrial TV (DVB T / T2 and an analogue)", go to the "Next" button.
  4. If analog channels are not required, then make a checkmark next to "Only digital" and select "Next" again.
  5. The TV will independently connect digital channels. If not all channels are connected, then you need to configure the antenna and repeat the search.

On LG TVs without Smart TV, the T2 setting is slightly different:

  1. Having entered the settings using the SETTINGS button, you need to select “Channels”, then “Auto Search”, select “Terrestrial TV”, and then “Next”.
  2. Then you need to put a checkmark next to "Only digital (Antenna)" and confirm the search by clicking "Run."

Thus, you can make sure that the new broadcast format is convenient, provides a better image and is easily configured on many LG models, and even the old TV will support it if you connect an external tuner.

Setting Up the Built-in Receiver In a Lg 32 TV

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