Slows down Ios 11 2 50

Slows down Ios 11 2 50

Many web users have problems with iOS 11.0.1. It seems Apple hastened to release the firmware.

It is noted that the update not only does not fix current errors, but also adds new ones. At users Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections fall off, or the battery sits down too quickly.

So, one of the Reddit users reported a sharp drop in performance and the identification of a bunch of bugs:

The alarm does not work when the phone is in silent mode. Volume control does not work on the locked screen. Some applications do not open normally, the screen saver can last 20 seconds.

Buttons on EarPods are intermittent. Often the device reboots by itself.

Someone complains about the low stability of the system:

The third problem with Wi-Fi:

But don’t worry, Apple has already released the first beta version of iOS 11.1 for developers, where it fixed many bugs. Personally, my iPhone 7 Plus works fine and holds a charge much better than before.

And what are your problems with iOS 11.0.1? Let’s deal with them together. [ZDNet]

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But how can I make an iPhone forget about the update? that he wouldn’t write to me once an hour that there is a new firmware and you need to install it

>>"Shoals" iOS 11 almost turned my smartphone into a brick. Spotify does not appear on the lock screen. Rebooting solves this problem, but after a few hours it repeats again.
>>Volume control does not work on the locked screen.

it was on beta and in the iOS11 release.

Video: Slows down Ios 11 2 50

It was because of this bug that I rolled back to 10k

It was not updated on the 11th axis and the body feels great.

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Thank you, very on time, not a week has passed. True, I haven’t noticed such glitches yet.

Upgrade to 11.1. Works Perfectly

@ Nikolay Gritsaenko, only the battery eats PPC.

@ Nikolay Gritsaenko, I do not recommend doing this to the owners of 5 and 6. The battery eats horribly. Rollback certainly saves.

The battery runs out in 3 hours to zero. Wifi disappears. Trouble.

Kind of weird. Installed on a bunch of different iOS 11 compatible devices, there were no problems anywhere)))

In general, I can not imagine what needs to be done so that the iPhone is buggy. Even to specifically. Probably reboot with firmware)

Apple kosyachat with firmware, but this can not be!

On 10 firmware, the iPhone 6s and iPad Pro 12.9 in the Wi-Fi section in the settings saw each other. there was a separate item from the list of networks, such as the “Connect to iPhone” iPhone or the “Connect to iPhone” iPhone with an indication of the charge level and signal of these devices.

After updating to 11, these items disappeared, now to manually connect the NVDO devices to manually enable “modem mode” and manually connect them. Terribly uncomfortable! How to return the old way?

@Red_Angel, rollback to 10

I sat on the SE Battery on 11 iOS for half a day. Rolled back to 10.3.3. everything is in order. So for now I will not go over.

With the 11 axis, in addition to starting to eat the battery 1.5 times faster on the SE, there is also something incredible with Apple Music. The "still from the artist" button has disappeared, you have to use the search every time. Wi-Fi sometimes disconnects itself from the network

@stoned mars, on 11.1 a bug in Epolus Music was not fixed

Glitchy firmware in general 11. YouTube is buggy and freezes, wi-fi periodically falls off. The battery doesn’t set much, it can become a little faster discharged, but not in half a day. I have SE.

After rolling back to 10.3.3, I can’t add a card to Wallet. He writes that it is necessary to update the firmware. Has anyone encountered how to treat without an update? iPhone SE

@Joe Danger, rolled back, added a map without any problems at all. Works. SE recovered from a copy of 10.3.3

@OShap, thanks, saw your comment and started experimenting. The Visa Classic card has really been added, but Electron does not want to, although it worked before.

@Joe Danger, I immediately after the rollback banned checking and downloading updates (recipe above). Perhaps your problem is that the system has already seen the update.

IOS 11.1 beta 1 bugs on my 6s
1. Applications periodically fly out, and only standard ones from Apple remain to work, and the rest start up and crash for a long time.
2. Keyboard glitch when it flashes blue. This is not very common.
3. When downloading applications from the AppStore, a loading error crashes after it is downloaded. It is treated by reboot.
4. Glitch with notifications on a locked screen. Not always showing some incoming notifications. Later they appear.
5. As before, the Files widget does not work for me. Sometimes it shows folders with iCloud. But most of the time is just empty.
6. Often Siri is loaded for a long time after launch.
7. Well, in general, very modest performance has become, especially when starting a dialer and opening folders on the screen home.

From the pros: Fixed a bug in the calendar when viewing tasks for a week in the form of a list.

I put all new axes on all all devices for 10 years, no stocks ever 🙂 and there are a lot of software with 100 programs, with 1 toy. something i’m doing is apparently wrong how to achieve whining 🙂

@svitanak, you must first switch to iOS from Android

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