Sony Ericsson How to Put Password on a Laptop

Live photos of Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray


After the not very successful Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, the company slowly but surely found its niches in the Android market: this is the first Xperia mini / mini pro line, which stood out from the rest, and then the calm X8 and Neo. Both smartphones lacked stars from the sky, but in terms of combination of characteristics, design and price were attractive. And, more importantly, both devices at the start of sales had relatively stable software. With the flagship Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, the company was a little late, the model hit the market at a time when all the other major players were already selling top-end smartphones. But the next announcement showed that when SE wants to, she can choose the right directions. Introduced in the summer of 2011, Sony Ericsson Ray and the update to the Xperia mini line are exactly what the Swedish-Japanese brand needs right now.

In this article I want to talk about the smartphone Sony Ericsson Ray. the younger version of Arc, so to speak. A beautiful and pleasant device in a compact case with good multimedia capabilities and at a reasonable price.

Design, colors

Sony Ericsson can do beautiful things. And although there are surely those to whom the Ray design for some reason will seem wrong, ugly, or something like that, in my opinion, the device succeeded. Firstly, Ray can guess the corporate signature of SE, and secondly, the smartphone turned out to be unlike most of the "robots" produced today.

Sony Ericsson How to Put Password on a Laptop

The device comes on the market in four colors: white, pink, coffee and black. All colors are in a muffled and unobtrusive range, that is, the pink device is not bright pink, but rather neutral pink, the other options are even calmer. In my opinion, the selection of colors and their tone in SE Ray is successful, there are no flashy colors.

Case materials, build quality

The device is made of glossy plastic (we are talking about a smartphone in white, pink or coffee color). There are thin metal inserts on the left and right ribs. During the month of using SE Ray, it did not change in appearance at all, I did not notice that scuffs or any signs, scratches appeared on the case. Although I carried the device both in my jeans pocket and just in a backpack, sometimes I threw it along with other phones. The body coating is not marked, traces and prints on the white model, if they remain, are completely invisible. The black device is made of matte plastic with a soft-touch coating.

Sony Ericsson How to Put Password on a Laptop

There are almost no complaints about the build quality, except for one: in my sample there was a small gap between the case and the lower left part of the battery cover. Regarding the materials of the case, of course, you can grumble that the SE almost do not use metal in their models or simply materials more interesting than glossy plastic, like HTC, for example. But if you compare SE Ray in design with most of the similarly priced offers from Samsung, LG and HTC, you can accept the use of simple plastic as a regularity, SE smartphones have their own interesting design, and this company compensates for the simplicity of the body materials.


In terms of size, Sony Ericsson Ray belongs to the "kids." The smartphone is thin and very narrow, so even its height seems tangible, although in practice SE Ray is also compact in this parameter.

  • Sony Ericsson Ray. 111 x 53 x 9.4 mm, 100 g
  • HTC Desire S. 115 x 59.8 x 11.6 mm, 130 g
  • Samsung Galaxy S2. 125.3 x 66.1 x 8.5 mm, 116 g
  • Apple iPhone 4. 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm, 127 g
Sony Ericsson How to Put Password on a Laptop
Sony Ericsson How to Put Password on a Laptop
Sony Ericsson How to Put Password on a Laptop
Sony Ericsson How to Put Password on a Laptop
Sony Ericsson How to Put Password on a Laptop

You can carry the device in any pockets, including a pocket in a jacket or a chest pocket on a shirt (I note that in South Korea I saw people calmly carry even SGS II in their chest pockets). The device is almost not felt in the hands during a conversation, if you used to use something relatively large, it is light and compact. At first it’s even unusual, but then you get used to it, and it becomes convenient.

Sony Ericsson How to Put Password on a Laptop


In SE, they gradually begin to abandon the completely hardware block of keys under the screen, in my opinion, this is a bad trend, but it can be traced. In SE Ray, two buttons under the screen are touch-sensitive ("Back" and "Menu") and one hardware. "House". The plus is that by clicking on the "House" you can activate the screen, it is convenient. each time you don’t need to reach for the power button, which is located on the upper end, which owners of HTC smartphones, for example, are forced to do.

Sony Ericsson How to Put Password on a Laptop

Around the “House” key, a backlight strip passes in a semicircle (hereinafter I will call it a ring for convenience), it lights up red when connected to a PC or charging and lights up green when the smartphone is fully charged. If the device is active and you are working with it. the ring is highlighted in white. If there are missed events. blinking green. The location of the indicator light (ring), in my opinion, is unsuccessful, although its location in the lower part of the case is already better than on the side on SE Arc. The feeling that the developers of SE used this element primarily for beauty and a small wow effect, forgetting about its original purpose. Finding the indicator at the top of the device would be more convenient.

Sony Ericsson How to Put Password on a Laptop
Sony Ericsson How to Put Password on a Laptop

The volume control button is located on the right edge of the device, for me this button was inconvenient: small, thin, short and with a barely noticeable course of pressing. Using it during a conversation is difficult, especially when you consider that the right-handed person has this thumb on his thumb. On the left edge on top is a microUSB connector for charging and connecting to a PC.

Sony Ericsson How to Put Password on a Laptop
Sony Ericsson How to Put Password on a Laptop

At the top end. the already mentioned power key and a 3.5 mm jack for headphones or a headset. From below. a microphone hole and an eye for attaching a lace or a hand strap; in new smartphones it is becoming less common, although it has not lost its relevance to some users over the years.

Sony Ericsson How to Put Password on a Laptop

On the front side of the smartphone, above the screen, there is a speaker, a front VGA camera lens, as well as a proximity sensor and a light sensor. The latter is not involved in the device, at least in my sample with firmware 4.0.A.2.368 (official, PCT), it was impossible to set the screen brightness level automatically, only manually.

Video: Sony Ericsson How to Put Password on a Laptop

Sony Ericsson How to Put Password on a Laptop

The mount for the SIM card and memory card is located above the battery, so that neither the SIM card nor the memory card can be removed without first removing the battery. For me personally, the lack of the ability to hot swap a memory card is a drawback, I’m used to using a card reader. For those who use a cable to transfer information from a PC to a smartphone and vice versa, this moment will go unnoticed.

Sony Ericsson How to Put Password on a Laptop


Sony Ericsson Ray uses a capacitive touchscreen LCD. The screen size is 3.3 ", a resolution of 854×480 pixels (FWVGA), the display displays up to 16 million colors. The physical dimensions of the screen are only 74×41 mm, the screen is elongated in height and very narrow. By combining small physical dimensions and high resolution, the SE Ray display has an impressive ppi (dots per inch) value. 297. For comparison. ppi in HTC Desire S is 252, HTC Sensation. 256, Apple iPhone 4. 330.

Sony Ericsson How to Put Password on a Laptop

The screen has an average margin of brightness, but in the sun it still behaves well, the picture remains readable. The color rendering is good, the colors on it are close to natural, white looks like white, and black. very black (sorry for the tautology), and not dark gray or any other. This is a plus screen in front of some competitors. Minus. like SE Arc, there are not maximum viewing angles, when the screen deviates, the picture on it begins to fade slightly.

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As in the flagship, it uses proprietary technology Mobile BRAVIA Engine. Like in Arc, I did not notice differences in the picture on the screen when the option is turned on and off, neither when I just work with my smartphone, nor when viewing photos or videos.

Sony Ericsson How to Put Password on a Laptop

The screen of Sony Ericsson Ray is covered with a protective film, as in Arc. In my opinion, it makes no sense to wear a device with a film. the screen protects well the tempered glass that is used here, and the film simply interferes: there are a lot of traces, small scratches and scuffs on it literally a few days after the start of using the smartphone.

Smartphone convenience

The SE Ray display is small, and this imposes its limitations on the usability of the device. If to say otherwise. then how a smartphone with all the features of SE Ray looks weak precisely because of the small physical size of the screen. This is expressed in the following things.

Firstly, typing in portrait orientation using the standard on-screen keyboard is very difficult. Constant misses, hard to hit on thin keys. Everything was better in landscape orientation, but it was difficult for me personally in this mode, I could type just one message and then “cool down” and calm my nerve endings, because after typing the SMS message I wanted to throw Ray against the wall. The situation improves if you put an alternative keyboard, for example HTC IME MOD. Then with typing it becomes easier, especially in landscape orientation. But all the same, the smartphone’s convenience does not even reach budget employees with HVGA screens, but with more comfortable screen sizes and the usual aspect ratio.

Sony Ericsson How to Put Password on a Laptop

Secondly, on a small screen SE Ray is not so convenient to read information from sites, news feeds and more. It’s just that the font sizes on the screen are so small that for any user who switched to Ray from something with a larger screen, it will be difficult at first. Here I want to clarify that if a person was not a user, say, HTC HD2 before choosing SE Ray, then he is unlikely to feel that discomfort when reading information from the screen that I’m talking about. So this point is subjective.

And lastly, sometimes when browsing sites there are difficulties with navigation, it is difficult to target the smallest menu items or controls, and tiring the picture as close as possible each time to go through the site is tiring. A simple conclusion follows from this drawback. if you’re used to using your smartphone often and often “sit” on different sites and generally use it to access the network, then SE Ray is unlikely to be a smart choice for you.

Sony Ericsson How to Put Password on a Laptop


The smartphone has an 8 MP camera with autofocus and flash, exactly the same as in the flagship. SE Arc. The camera eye is located in the upper part of the rear side of the case; it is slightly recessed inside the surface of the cover. An LED flash is located below the camera module; you cannot use it as a flashlight by standard means.

Sony Ericsson How to Put Password on a Laptop

In viewfinder mode, the display shows all the basic information, for a photo it is the number of possible shots, as well as settings icons for video. possible recording duration and also settings icons. When you select one of the icons, a pop-up menu opens, in which the desired setting is selected. It’s nice to use the camera, the interface is simple and clear.

The following resolutions are available for photos:

  • 8 M. 3264×2448
  • 6 M. 3264×1836
  • 2 M. 1632×1224
  • 2 M (Wide) –1920×1080

You can adjust the white balance, shooting mode (landscape, night portrait and others), change the exposure number, choose a shutter sound or simply turn it off. There is an image stabilizer, but I did not notice the difference between the quality of images with the stabilizer turned on and off. You can also enable the addition of geotags to photos. The focus mode is selected from six available: spot focus, macro, infinity, face detection, focus by touching the screen and many points.

In the “macro” focus mode, you can shoot close-up objects from a distance of 7-8 cm or more. The quality of such images, in my opinion, is good.

The text is removed successfully almost always, out of ten frames with the text blurry, I got only one.

The smile recognition function works every other time: sometimes it works, sometimes not.

Like the SE Arc, the Ray camera has excellent speed. According to this parameter, the smartphone leaves even the top models from Samsung and HTC behind. We are talking about the speed at which the camera starts (the time between pressing the icon or key and the appearance of the interface with the image is about one and a half seconds, in HTC Sensation. about 3-4 seconds), and about the shooting speed and the time of subsequent saving, on SE Ray these operations occur almost instantly.

A minus in terms of ease of control. the smartphone does not have a hardware shooting key, which was in SE Arc.

You can evaluate the quality of the photo yourself using the sample images below. In my opinion, Sony Ericsson Ray and Arc now retain some of the leading positions among Android smartphones. And if Samsung and HTC have flagships that shoot well, then SE is an almost budget device with a photo-making flagship.


Video is recorded in mpeg4 or 3gp format (mp4v or h.264 codec) at an average speed of 30 frames per second. Sound is recorded using the aac codec.

The following permissions are available for video:

  • HP 720p. 1280×720 pixels
  • FWVGA. 854×480 pixels
  • VGA. 640×480
  • QVGA. 320×240
  • MMS. 320×240

Settings in video mode repeat those in photo mode. Of the features I note enable / disable sound recording and enable / disable flash during recording.

You cannot change the focus manually during the video recording process, however, it automatically adjusts to the picture and changes. I note that autofocus while shooting video in SE Ray is slow. For example, if I shoot an object in the distance and the camera focuses on it, and then I move the lens to the object close, the camera needs an average of 4-6 seconds to refocus, and in some situations the camera does not change the focus point at all. You cannot scale a picture during recording.

Offline work

Sony Ericsson Ray uses a 1,500 mAh Li-Ion battery. The manufacturer provides the following data on the operating time of the smartphone:

  • Talk Time (2G): 6 hours 50 minutes
  • Standby time (2G) »430 hours (18 days)
  • Music Play Mode: 36 hours
Sony Ericsson How to Put Password on a Laptop
Sony Ericsson How to Put Password on a Laptop

My scenario for using the device looked like this: 40-60 minutes of calls per day, sending 10-15 text messages, configured Gmail and MS Exchange accounts with the push-mail function turned on, 1-2 hours of Internet via Wi-Fi or 2G / 3G. In this mode, Ray worked on average about a day, that is, I removed the device from charging at 9 am and calmly used it until late at night, 23-24 hours. If you listen to music. the operating time is reduced and the device is discharged by about 19-20 hours.

Runtime indicators are familiar to Android devices, they are not amazing, but not as mediocre as in some smartphones from HTC in the first half of the year, for example.

The smartphone has an energy-saving utility, it works according to the already familiar principle, as in models from Samsung and HTC: you can choose different modules (wireless interfaces, types of alerts, screen brightness, etc.) that the program will turn off when the battery level is low battery to save it.


The smartphone is built on the Qualcomm QSD8255 platform (Snapdragon) with a processor frequency of 1 GHz. The device has 512 MB of RAM and 300 MB for storing data, programs and everything else. According to its platform and the amount of memory smartphone. full copy of SE Arc. The lack of internal memory for storing user data can be compensated by installing "heavy" programs on the memory card. The device comes with a microSD card with 4 GB.

The phone is not equipped with additional codecs for playing video, so to play videos recorded in divx / xvid or in the mkv container, you need to install third-party video players. By default, playing video files is limited by the capabilities of the Android platform: wmv, mp4 and 3gp. On a smartphone, you can easily watch videos in resolutions of 480 and 720p, videos for screen resolution also go smoothly. over, if you download 1080p video in the correct format (best wmv) and quality. smartphone and it will twist without problems. However, the question arises here. what’s the point of playing video on a small 3.3 ’’ screen in 1080p and even 720p quality?

The overall speed of SE Ray is excellent, there are no delays or slowdowns, the smartphone does not think, even if you have a dozen or more programs open.


The smartphone operates in the networks of GSM (850/900/1800/1900) and UMTS (900/2100). Both high speed data transfer standards are supported. EDGE and HSDPA. Turning wireless interfaces on and off can be done in the settings menu, using the standard Android 2.3 interface widget or from a company widget. Like in SE Arc, the sizes of widgets for managing interfaces here are simply gigantic, but if it looked wild in Arc, then in Ray because of its small screen such widgets are quite useful.

For synchronization with a PC and data transfer, the bundled microUSB cable is used. USB 2.0 interface When connected to a computer, you can enable data transfer mode (visible microSD card memory). Integrated module Bluetooth 2.1EDR with support for all major profiles, including A2DP. The sound quality when listening to music through wireless headphones is not bad.

Wi-Fi (802.11b / g / n). The Wi-Fi-module did not cause any complaints. On your smartphone, you can configure the rules for switching Wi-Fi to sleep mode, use only a static IP address when connecting, and add security certificates. When using Wi-Fi, the smartphone heats up slightly.

Like any other device based on Android 2.2 and higher, SE Ray can be used as a Wi-Fi access point for other devices. The smartphone also supports the standard for wireless DLNA devices.


Sony Ericsson Ray uses a Qualcomm gpsOne chip. A cold start takes about 30 seconds, then it takes about 5-15 seconds to search for satellites (testing was carried out using the GPS Status program available in the Market).

For navigation, the device has Google Maps and Google Navigation. Using the first one, you can get directions, look for addresses by street names or places. With the help of the second. Use route guidance and voice guidance.

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