Sony Vaio System Recovery

. The other day they asked me to fix a Sony VAIO laptop. the owners complained that he "dulls and hangs".

It turned out that before me, the laptop was in the crazy hands of the enikeyschik, who. having been transported for 3 months! for some reason, demolished licensed Windows 7 and installed a pirated one.

But it’s not even that he established a pirate "Windu", and that he did it very, very clumsily, managing to drop the performance index of a branded laptop (2-core processor, 4GB RAM) up to 1.0.

And the fact that the laptop began to work unstable and unproductive, the enikeyschik blamed not his hands and brains, but "unsolvable device conflicts".

Praise be to the Almighty that the enikeyschik did not guess (could not.) Delete "secret" partition. recovery partition that allows you to return "virginity" laptop (initial condition with factory settings).

Sony VAIO laptops are usually equipped with "magical" with the ASSIST button:

How to recover Windows 7 from the recovery section of the Sony VAIO laptop:

Sony Vaio System Recovery

Video: Sony Vaio System Recovery

Recovery takes place automatically, your participation will be required only at the end of the process: select the localization of the operating system, set the time and time zone, enter the name of the account.

How to restore Windows 7 on Sony VAIO not equipped with ASSIST button:

1. During the recovery process, the laptop will reboot several times.

2. The average duration of the recovery process is about 3 hours.

3. Be sure to wait until the recovery process ends (otherwise you will have to start all over again.).

4. Sometimes during recovery it seems that the laptop freezes, but it is not. You can make sure that the laptop is not hanging by the LED of the hard disk: if it blinks, then there is nothing to worry about.