Sony Wi C310 How to Connect

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Sony Wi C310 How to Connect

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Sony Wi C310 How to Connect

The Sony WI-C300 is a wireless headset, but has a wired connection between the two sides. Headphones come in a variety of colors to choose from. The ear piece is made of clear plastic, extremely small, so that it wears into the ear.

On the cord there are 2 clusters, of which 1 is for battery and 1 has buttons and charging port. The micro USB charging port is hidden inside a piece of plastic. Headphones do not have water resistance standard, but the charging port cover also gives users peace of mind when using.

There is also an integrated NFC module. Previously, only high-end products of the company were included with this close-range connectivity standard, but now any wireless headset is available.

Headphones are made in Vietnam, and are proudly imprinted on a large battery. WI-C300 music playback time is 8 hours, not too bad with this headset design.

As a low-end product, the WI-C300 does not have any of the 1000x technology like the aptx HD, DSEE HX, active noise protection. but still has a good sound quality. The sound of the headphones is neutral and quite detailed for a pair of low-level headphones.

The bass is especially focused on the people who buy low-end headphones are usually bass-head, need a lot of bass and play strong. The bass of the WI-C300 is much higher than the average, with high volume but not too much compression. The bass is centered on the bass mid, so it feels a bit shallow, but enough depth to play pop songs like Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, or Pentatonix’s Can not Hold Us.

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Recently Sony changed 180 degrees on mid-way. Its earphones have midrange and earphones that are too thin and distant, with headphones that are very electronic and dazzling. Mid lean towards low and mid, trying to thicken this part and push closer to the listener to increase clarity. High mid roll off gently, slowly sibalance should not be a problem with this pair of headphones. I like the new mid-range of Sony, which is consistent with the direction of the play that the company set out after the “reform” of his sound.

The high pitch of the WI-C300 can be said to be enough, not completely gone, but also suitable for playing the bass of the headset. Treble does not have much to say except to add a bit of punctuation, which helps avoid the bore of bass-only headsets that forget the rest of the strings.

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One weakness of the process is that when the volume is high on the headset (the volume of the headset and the source is independent), there is more background noise. The simplest solution is to reduce the volume of the headset and increase the volume at the source to sufficient levels, the noise will disappear almost completely. This is a minor drawback, and if you listen to music at a volume level enough, then you will not have.

Sony is very experienced in wireless ear design, so the Wi-C300 has low latency enough to watch movies and play games. Compared to more advanced wireless earpieces such as WI or WH-1000x, the latency is higher, but still at acceptable levels.

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– Perfect finish, colorful

– Wear comfortable, good sound insulation

– Battery lasts up to 8 hours

– The sound is strong and clear enough

– The volume is too loud

– The high tone stops at a good level

Charging Tips: Wireless headsets use a small capacity battery, which should be used with a 5V 1A charger (a genuine iPhone charger or USB laptop adapter) to ensure that the battery is fully charged. the most. Avoid using fast chargers, charging the tablet, charging 5V 2A, the battery of the headset does not withstand will be completely damaged!


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