Sony Xperia Z3 Module Replacement

Replacing broken glass with Sony Xperia (display / screen) is still one of the most sought-after smartphone repair services. No matter how you try to protect the screen of your device, after a strong shock / fall, the screen will crash or crack. As a rule, then questions arise:

Sony Xperia Z3 Module Replacement

– How to distinguish an original spare part from a non-original one, and what is the difference between them?

Here we will try to paint this topic as accessible as possible.

Many service centers, in particular, located on the territory of the radio markets, assure each customer that he will not be able to find the original spare part for the Xperia smartphone, since they are not released. this is all a lie. Turning to us, many clients come misled by such masters. The question immediately arises:

– Why was I given the wrong information?

Original (branded) Sony display modules

They cost, unfortunately, many times more expensive, but installing such spare parts, you can not doubt their quality. In addition, the price is justified not only by the quality of the part, but also by its configuration. We are talking about new and relatively latest models.

When replacing the original Sony Xperia display module on the following models, part of the case also changes. thin frame display module:

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When replacing the Sony screen on the following models, almost the entire case also changes, except for the back cover and sometimes plugs / decorative inserts, we are talking about spare parts that are supplied to the assembly line of the manufacturer:

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Video: Sony Xperia Z3 Module Replacement

Some modules even include various loops and speakers. As an example, let’s take a screen replacement for the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, where in addition to the display module, most of the case, the headset jack, and both speakers change.

It should be noted that the complete set of the display module does not depend on the service center, and if the manufacturer produces the original part assembled with a frame / case, etc., otherwise it cannot be replaced. Replacement of such spare parts takes a relatively short time (30-90 minutes), since the repair does not use glue / sealant and there is no need to wait for drying, and the build quality remains at the factory level.

The official supplier of the company works only with wholesale customers, which means that you will not find the original spare part in retail, and if this is the case, then its price will exceed the cost of repairs in our service center. Since small companies cannot afford the purchase of such components in bulk, they create a legend about the absence of original parts and offer customers an analogue in the form of a Chinese copy.

Non-Original Display Modules

As for non-original spare parts (analogue), which are popularly referred to as "Copy", "China" or simply "Fake", which in fact they are. Yes, now everything is produced in China, as it is assembled, but these are just the terms, so to speak, there is “Original China” and “Non-Original China”. Non-original display modules are several times cheaper, therefore they are in great demand. By installing such a spare part, first of all, you sacrifice image quality (color rendering), which becomes slightly worse. The analog is glued into the old part of the case, so the repair takes 2-3 hours, and the gluing quality is inferior to the factory one. The installation and aftermarket installation does not affect the performance and operability of the device. Let’s take on the same Sony Xperia Z3 Compact.

Our service center offers you the choice. to install an original or non-original spare part. In the first case, the guarantee for the work performed is 60 calendar days, in the second 14 days

Now you know the main differences between original screens and non-original ones. It is worth noting that this information applies solely to the models listed above. On older models, such as Z1, Z1 Compact, Z2, etc., the original display module is changed without housing parts (at the request of the client it is possible with the housing).

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them by e-mail, phone or in our group In contact with.