Speed ​​Up Asus Rt N12 Router

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RT-AC88U Ai Mesh Router
The RT-AC88U Router takes wireless technology to the next level. The latest NitroQAM technology implemented in it allows you to accelerate the work of the Wi-Fi network and all devices connected to it. In addition, this router boasts an expanded wireless coverage area, the presence of a high-speed USB port, accelerated WAN – LAN switching, eight Gigabit Ethernet ports and advanced security features.

NitroQAM Technology. Full Speed
If you want to play online games comfortably and be able to broadcast 4K / UHD gaming battles to the Internet, you should take a closer look at the RT-AC88U router with NitroQAM technology (1024-QAM), which provides a total wireless network throughput of up to 3167 Mbps

No-delay online games, high-speed internet access and an ultra-modern home network!

Free game accelerator
Response times and the spread of response times are critical parameters that affect speed in online games. Their values, to a large extent, depend on the route that game packages in the global network travel between the user’s computer and the online game server. WTFast’s Gamers Private Network (GPN) solution automatically optimizes the route of the game packages, which helps reduce the response time in the game and significantly reduce the inevitable loss of packages. This solution is available to RT-AC88U users for free and can be used to accelerate one device at a time.

Adaptive QoS. Maximum Priority for Games
This feature, implemented in RT-AC88U, will help you easily prioritize the use of bandwidth for Internet connections by games and other applications. In the special gamer mode Gamer Solo, the router allocates all the bandwidth to online games in order to guarantee the maximum reaction speed in the game.

Speed ​​Up Asus Rt N12 Router

In the center of a digital home
The RT-AC88U is a true master of digital entertainment, capable of connecting multiple devices into a single network. Its capabilities allow you to comfortably watch movies in Full HD (1080p) quality on several devices at the same time. In addition, the RT-AC88U is perfect for use as a central device for a smart home, to which you can connect IP cameras, temperature sensors and many other devices.

Wide coverage area
With four antennas in the 4T4R configuration (4 for reception, 4 for transmission), this router provides reliable wireless network operation in any corner of the house. ASUS AiRadar beamforming technology also contributes to Wi-Fi coverage.

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Powerful processor, high speed
RT-AC88U operates on the basis of a modern dual-core processor with a clock frequency of 1.4 GHz, which has high performance. It provides the speed of data exchange of wireless clients with devices connected via USB over 100 MB / s, as well as the speed of WAN-LAN switching at the level of 1800 Mbit / s.

MU-MIMO Technology
RT-AC88U with support for multi-user MIMO technology (MU-MIMO) works at full speed with several simultaneously connected clients6 compatible with this technology.
This technology compares favorably with traditional single-user MIMO technology, in which individual devices often have to wait in line for data transfer.

AiProtection. reliable protection
AiProtection technology, which incorporates the latest Trend Micro network security features, ensures the security of your data. It offers features such as automatic vulnerability detection, blocking of addresses of sites with malicious content, advanced parental control tools, etc.

Parental Controls: Monitoring and limiting online activity of any user
Parental controls help prevent users from visiting inappropriate sites, for example, preventing children from viewing adult sites. In addition, it is possible to limit Internet access for each device or guest account by time by introducing a schedule for each of them.

Connection interfaces
The RT-AC88U has as many as eight Gigabit Ethernet ports. twice as many as most wireless routers offer. You can connect many Ethernet-compatible devices to these ports, including Smart TV, game consoles, set-top boxes, media players, NAS storage, etc.

Connecting a USB drive, printer, 3G / 4G modem
You can connect external drives, printers, 3G / 4G modems to the USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports of the ASUS router for sharing on a Wi-Fi network. The USB 3.0 port has a bandwidth that is 10 times higher than USB 2.0.

Link Aggregation
RT-AC88U supports Link Aggregation technology, which allows you to use two Ethernet ports (1st and 2nd ports) to create one high-speed channel with a bandwidth of up to 2 Gb / s. If a NAS with support for this technology is connected to the router, network users will be able to enjoy unprecedented data speed.

ASUSWRT. ease of administration
To control all the functions of the RT-AC88U is a convenient graphic interface ASUSWRT.

ASUS Router Application
Using a separate mobile application ASUS Router App, which has an intuitive interface, you can change the settings of the router, monitor network traffic, diagnose connection problems, and update the firmware code. And all this without the need to turn on the computer.

AiMesh. a single wireless network for the whole house
GT-AC88U Ai Mesh router provides a wide coverage of WiFi networks with a stable signal in every corner of the house or apartment. The coverage area is influenced by many factors, including the location of the rooms, the material of the walls and even the furniture. If the coverage area is less than required, ASUS has a unique solution. this is Ai Mesh technology, which allows you to combine several ASUS routers into a single WiFi network for the whole house, no matter how big it is. Such an upgrade of your home wireless network will also be beneficial, because when you buy a new router you will not have to throw away the old one. it can still be used as a node of the integrated Ai Mesh system. Within the Ai Mesh network, the user receives centralized control over all routers and seamless roaming. the transition from one node to another is carried out automatically and without disconnecting the connection.

  • Combine separate ASUS routers into a single mesh WiFi system for the whole house, just updating the firmware.
  • Use ASUS router models to meet your needs to build your network.
  • You can create a WiFi network with one shared or multiple SSIDs.
  • Full support for all the functionality of the routers included in the Ai Mesh WiFi system.