Step-By-Step Steps – How To Configure Asus Wl 520g Router

Step-By-Step Steps. How To Configure Asus Wl 520g Router

Today, information technologies are increasingly being introduced into our lives. It is not in vain that the twenty-first century has been nicknamed the century of computer technology.

For faster and more convenient use of documents, various multimedia files and other resources, the so-called "World Wide Web" was created, known as the "Internet".

Connecting to the network is possible in many ways.

There are two main ways to connect to the Internet:

LAN connection (implies an Internet connection through a wired connection using a cable);

wireless network connection.

Wireless connection is available for devices with Wi-Fi function.

A wireless connection is a convenient way to access the Internet, which is in no way inferior to the quality level of a standard network connection.

As a rule, all modern laptops, smartphones, navigators and other gadgets are equipped with Wi-Fi support. To establish a connection of this type is permissible at home, at work, in any form with the mass presence of people.

Usually, a wireless network creates an Internet distributor. Thus, the router (router) serves as a distributor.

A variety of such equipment, today, will make you think when choosing this or that equipment, even a specialist in this field. Therefore, it is convenient to describe the characteristics of the Internet distribution device using an example. To your attention, the average, popular Wi-Fi router ASUS WL-520GC.

Turn on the router

Turning on the router is simple, accessible in every way. Complete with a router, there must be a cable (at least one), a block device for powering the router (from a standard outlet). Before turning on the router, it is worth deciding on the place of its installation.

It is best to place a Wi-Fi distributor in a place that is not inaccessible, to control the operation of the device. Also, it is worth placing the router in the room where the bulk of the devices are located, which will be connected to the router for higher quality communications.

The inclusion process itself is elementary:

you must connect the router to power from the outlet;

Router firmware

Firmware update

For firmware or its updating, you should download the appropriate software on the official website of ASUS:

go to the router’s web interface (enter the router’s ip address in the address bar of the browser, as a rule.;

login and password enter “admin” and “admin” respectively;

if the username and password are incorrect. reset the router (by clicking on the reset button on the back of the device);

after performing the restoration of settings. try again accessing the web interface;

according to the plan, a menu will open before you, in fact, in which the router will be flashed.

If tuning is not done automatically:

go to "System Setup";

further in the "Firmware Upgrade";

in the menu you will see something similar to the “overview” item;

there you choose the path where the firmware is located and click "install" or "upload";

Further, the firmware is installed automatically;

after installation. reboot the router and go to any site in the browser window to check the device.

By updating the firmware, you delete the old settings and the software of your router, and instead install the updated software for your device. Updating is done to improve the performance of the device, if previously the router was satisfactory.

Unsuccessful update.

But, not always installing updates and modifications to a particular device changes its quality performance for the better. Without certain skills, installing firmware for a router can be fraught with consequences. But there are no hopeless ways. Therefore, what to do if the router is incorrectly flashed.

A clear sign that the router is "sick" is the blinking of the diode with an interval of approximately one second.

This means that the router is in recovery mode.

Before performing complex repair operations, or giving the device to a specialist, try to fix everything yourself. First of all, use the Asus Firmware Restoration tool. This utility usually comes with a router.

If, for some reason, the program did not help (it crashed, issued an error, or stopped working), you need to revive the router in another way:

To do this, download and install the latest firmware version specifically for your model (WL-520C).

in advance you need to register a static IP (, a subnet mask ( and a Gateway, DNS. (

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After downloading the firmware, you should download the client, which will help install the firmware on the faulty distributor. the client is called "WinAgentsTFTPServerforWindows", you can download it at the link

there should be no cables in the connectors (ports), except for one in any Lan port.

if all the above requirements are met. turn off the power by removing the power supply from the outlet.

then return the unit to the outlet, while holding the reset button on the router for 5-20 seconds.

as soon as the diode starts flashing at a constant interval, proceed to unpack the firmware into the ftp client, to any folder, then call the console (winr), in the window, type “cmd”.

Next, enter cd: my_folder in the console.

now enter: "tftp.exe.i.v PUT WL520gc_7.0.1.46_EN.trx".

After completion of the command, the router takes 5-15 minutes to install the software in memory. After this time, reboot the device and use it carefully!

Enter router settings.

The main steps of setting up a router consist of three items:

Network Map item

item "Advanced settings"

EZQoS bandwidth management item

Network Map Option Displays all connected devices to the router. This function accurately shows the type of device connected to a specific port on the router.

EZQoS Bandwidth Control»Is intended to select the most priority traffic among the game stream, Internet application, built-in FTP server and video streams. The menu is presented from the model of the WL-520GU router, which actually is no different except for the design.

Item "Advanced Settings" This item allows you to change various device parameters in six submenus. As practice shows, if you are not an expert, you should leave these settings by default, because by changing the settings for data transfer, or the bandwidth of the router, the same parameters must be set on the connected devices.

Setup Nuances in Windows 7

How to configure ASUS WL 520GC router on Windows 7:

Initially, it is advisable to start configuring the router for the Windows 7 operating system from the Start menu;

in the control panel, select View network connections;

LAN connection;

in the last menu, changes will be allowed in the “Properties” menu, which is in the lower right part of the settings table, in the “IPV 4 Internet Protocol” submenu.

Please note that you need to choose the protocol version 4, but not version 6.

The menu for setting an IP address and a DNS server looks something like this. If your device (PC) is located on a home network with a limited access circle, you can easily make receipts by selecting the IP addresses of the DNS server.

WL-520 router settings menu.

To configure the router, you should visit the web interface:

Step-By-Step Steps. How To Configure Asus Wl 520g Router

You can enter this menu by entering the router ip-address in the address bar of the browser:

in the window, for the requested login and password, enter “admin” and “admin”

if the router has not been configured, you will see the initial window for configuring the router

ASUS WL-520GC router settings menu using the ASUS WL-520GU menu as an example.

Typically, the default menu interface language is English. To change the first one, select the appropriate submenu language, which is located at the top of the table.

Internet Gateway Setup

By purchasing this router, you will not have problems with setting up an Internet gateway, because it also has a router in order to find the most optimal solutions for setting certain parameters in automatic or automated mode.

If during the connection with the ASUS WL-520 router you have difficulties, I advise you to contact your provider to clarify the method for solving the problem. Typically, you must enter the gateway in the properties window manually.

For Onlime.

Using the services of Onlime companies, you do not have to make changes to the basic settings of the router. By visiting the official page of the companies website, you will be convinced that there is no need to configure the router. In case of any problems, you can ask for help from the company’s employees on the site.

The process of setting up the ASUS Wireless Router connection is as follows:

go to the “network connection settings” menu (press the WinR keyboard, then a window appears, type ncpa.cpl in it, press OK, then enter the Enthernet properties);

in the properties of the Internet protocol version IPv4 choose automatic receipt of an IP address and DNS;

in the properties of the Internet protocol version IPv6 choose automatic obtaining of IP-addresses and DNS;

close the dialog box before clicking OK. Thus, the setup is complete.

If all the above parameters are set, but the Internet is still not there: look for the problem in something else (incorrect router firmware, problems with the provider, and so on).

For Rostelecom

The Rostelecom company made sure that the customers did not have any difficulties with setting up the router connection. For ASUS WL 520GU with standard firmware, no additional settings are required, in addition to automatically set parameters (for a detailed description of the settings, see the previous paragraph).

Configuring the ASUS WL 520GC PPTP Beeline router

Installing and configuring the ASUS WL 520GC router for the Beeline Internet provider is quite simple.

In the parameters of the router you should specify the following:

wireless network name: default;

Address of the Wi-fi router:;

username and password: admin.

Beeline employees strongly recommend using the firmware version of this router model: detailed and updated information on configuring the router can be found on the Beeline official website: “”.

Wi-Fi setup

To configure wi-fi at home or in the office, you need:

visit the web interface of the router settings;

in order to limit access to Wi-Fi connection using this router, it is worth protecting access to the modem using a password, or setting a certain range of IP or MAC addresses that can connect to this router. In other words, the easiest, but at the same time reliable way to protect the router from unauthorized connections is to set a password;

To set a password, you must select the appropriate items in the router settings menu;

in the “advanced settings” menu you will see the corresponding item with which it is worth setting encryption;

after all the necessary parameters are already set. connect to the network using a smartphone, laptop, tablet or any other device.

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