System Recovery On a Samsung Galaxy Tablet

It somehow happened by chance that the article “Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace: Frequently Asked Questions”, which was written just as an addition to the article “Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace: Get One-Hundred Master”, has significantly surpassed its predecessor in popularity and to date I collected nearly a thousand comments, which I try to answer as far as possible. In addition, I regularly receive similar questions in the mail.

Of course, I can not always answer the questions asked. After all, I am not technical support in the end, but just an ordinary user (if we are talking about phones), but many of my tips have helped, which I am sincerely glad.

People often ask how to reanimate a phone in the event of a system failure, when it cannot even boot. All the time I replied that it was necessary to restore the system and even wrote several times in detail in the comments how this is done.

Writing detailed instructions was planned for a long time, but without the need to demolish the system on my phone for a few shots, for obvious reasons, I did not want to. But recently, unable to withstand inhuman experiments, he began to literally ask for this matter, as a result of which I decided to bring him to my senses and at the same time tell in detail how this is done.

I was lucky, because during the recovery process I ran into the error "RAMDUMP Mode (ARM9 mode)", which prevents the normal recovery of the system on the Samsung Galaxy Ace. So now I will teach you not only how to restore your phone, but also how to get around this error if you encounter it too.

Unfortunately, the illustrations were terrible, but there are some. After all, you can’t make screenshots during the procedure.

So, as we are well aware, the Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace is running the Android mobile operating system, in which the reset function is available even from the settings. But it so happens that the phone simply refuses to boot. In this case, a so-called factory reset is required.

The only negative is that all data from the phone will be deleted, so in case of this extreme means, I recommend periodically storing contacts in your Google account or at least in Samsung Kies. I actually always use Google. It’s easier to synchronize data with all the gadgets you have to work with.

Video: System Recovery On a Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Suppose your phone stops loading beyond the logo screen saver, chopping off or rebooting endlessly, and you have no other choice but to reset the system.

First, fully charge the phone’s battery. During charging, it is better to leave it plugged in, since otherwise the procedure may simply not start.

On the phone off, hold down the main menu and volume up buttons, then press the power button and hold all three buttons.

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If everything goes fine, then the menu shown in the next image will appear on the screen soon.

System Recovery On a Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Here you need to select the item "wipe data / factory reset". Going through the menu items is carried out by the volume rocker, and the main menu button is used to confirm.

Next, we will be asked to confirm that we definitely want to bang all the data. Among the set No, choose the only Yes, after which the reset procedure will begin, which will take very little time.

System Recovery On a Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Then, at the top of the display, the already familiar menu will appear, in which you will need to select "reboot system now".

System Recovery On a Samsung Galaxy Tablet

That’s all. Your Samsung Galaxy Ace has been restored. The first download will be much longer than usual. Do not worry. This is normal.

So everything happens ideally, but there are also difficulties. This time, an error popped up on my screen with the text "RAMDUMP Mode (ARM9 mode)". At the same time, the screen glowed without responding to any actions.

System Recovery On a Samsung Galaxy Tablet

For the uninitiated, it looks scary, but in fact there is nothing wrong with that. If you encounter this problem, first remove the cover and remove the battery, and then reinsert it.

If you try to repeat the procedure, then again you run into the same error.

In this case, hold down the main menu button on the switched off phone and hold down the power button while holding it. That is, unlike the standard situation, we simply do not touch the volume up button and hold two buttons instead of three. Otherwise, everything happens the same way.

That’s all. I would be glad if this article helps someone.

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