The Iphone Does Not Turn On And The Apple Burns – What To Do!

The Iphone Does Not Turn On And The Apple Burns - What To Do!

Tablets and smartphones from Apple have long won the fame of fairly reliable devices. Yes, and the iOS operating system did not give special reasons for complaints. Nevertheless, sometimes problems happen – electronics, whatever one may say, is a whimsical thing. One of the common phenomena is that the iPhone does not turn on and the apple on the screen burns. On this, the phone freezes and turning it off in the usual way will not work. There are quite a few likely reasons for this trouble. Let’s try to figure them out and, if possible, try to fix it on our own.

1. The battery is low

A banal one, but one of the most common reasons. The user is sure that the phone’s battery is charged, and it’s almost completely discharged. Try connecting the charger, and after waiting 20 minutes, try turning on your iPhone again. By the way, this is also possible in the event of a charger malfunction. The user thinks that the device is charged, and he just completely sat down. Try charging from the computer via the USB cable.

2. Software crash

If you recently installed any application before, delved into the settings or tried to jailbreak, then with a high degree of probability we can say that this is precisely the failure and the appearance of the glowing apple.
Very often, the so-called “hard reset” helps – rebooting the phone using the Home and Power buttons, which must be clamped and held for 8 – 10 seconds. In more than half of such cases, iPhone after this, the phone successfully boots up and works. The main thing – do not forget before disconnecting it from the computer or charger.
Did not help? Then it’s worth trying to reflash the device. To do this, you need to run iTunes on the computer, and then connect the iPhone to the computer with a USB cable. then turn it off while holding the Home and Power buttons. You need to hold until the screen goes blank, after which you need to release the Power button, but do not release Home. That we put iPhone into DFU mode. The screen will be black, but a message should appear on the computer that the device is in recovery mode. Release the Home button. In the iTunes application, click the "Restore" button, after which the process of downloading and installing new firmware on the phone will begin.

After this procedure, you will receive a “clean” device, without settings and additional programs, and the burning apple on the iPhone should disappear.

3. Hardware problems

Unfortunately, the reasons that the iPhone does not turn on and the apple is burning on the screen are very often problems with the hardware of the phone. And here already flash – do not flash, but it will not work anyway. What could be the reason?

– Failure of the Power button
Very often, such a nuisance is visited by those who rented a case from the iPhone. And like the power button is not so flimsy, but nevertheless it turns out to break it.

– Problems with the device power circuit
Such phones were brought several times after a thunderstorm. The device was on charge during a strong power surge.

– The charging controller flew
In the same way as the previous malfunction, it is usually associated with power problems – power surges or voltage sags.

– The battery is completely dead
This problem often occurs in those who unsuccessfully drop their iPhone so that internal battery damage occurs. The battery may also die due to improper operation (charging and discharging).

– Flash crashes
Moreover, the data memory chip – NAND Flash, and Nor Flash – the memory of the GSM module, which stores the operator’s network parameters, can fail.

– Problems with the motherboard
At the same time, the phone itself can even sometimes boot up and even work for some time. True, the luminous apple on the iPhone screen will appear more and more, until it completely stops to start normally.

Unfortunately, only those who are friends with a soldering iron and a multimeter can fix such malfunctions with their own hands, the rest of the users can only take it to the service center for repair.