The Iphone Does Not Turn On But The Apple On The Screen Is On. What To Do!

The Iphone Does Not Turn On But The Apple On The Screen Is On. What To Do!

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The iPhone does not turn on but the apple on the screen is on. What to do?!

Popular smartphones from Apple, whatever one may say, is the same computer, albeit a mobile one. And with him, like other representatives of this class of devices, troubles can happen. both hardware and software. One of the common reasons that can happen to them is when the iPhone does not turn on, but the apple burns after pressing the Power button.

The people call this unpleasant problem "white apple". In fact, this is a certain state of iPhone’s work, which is characterized by the display of the company logo on the screen (a bitten luminous apple) when trying to turn on the smartphone. However, further loading of the device does not continue. However, he does not react to anything and, as usual, does not turn off. How to be
The simplest thing you can try to do is Hard Reset. But, let’s not rush and consider all the options in order.

So, what can be done to restore the phone’s health if the iPhone doesn’t turn on, the apple is burning ?!
There are such ways:

Option 1. Hard Reset

We turn off the iPhone according to the Hard Reset method, that is, the so-called "hard reset". To do this, hold down and hold down two buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds: Home and Power. Keep out until the device turns on.

Option 2. Reinstall iOS

If the first method didn’t help, you should try reinstalling the software on the iPhone. To do this, iPhone launches in DFU mode. This is done like this. we connect the smartphone to the computer and start the iTunes program. Next, hold down the Power and Home buttons. You need to hold for about ten seconds. After this time, you only need to release the Power button. After that, Aityuns should see the device (the screen will remain dark at the same time).
Well, then the program should offer to restore the device from the backup and reinstall iOS.

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Then, after the device is restored. do a software update.

Option 3. Poking Cydia

This method is an alternative to the previous one if you do not want to restore the device or for some reason cannot do it while the iPhone does not turn on and off, but the luminous apple is on.

Here I will make a small digression. The fact is that very often the reason that the iPhone does not turn on is the installation of some third-party application, which either got up incorrectly or does not work correctly. Then it’s worth trying to remove it and restart the smartphone. Another equally common reason is Tweaks Cydia.

To restore the functionality of the iPhone, whose apple is burning on the screen and does not disappear, we will try to download it without Tweaks Cydia. To do this, turn off the device, press the volume up button. "" And holding it pressed, wait until iOS boots without Cydia tweaks. If the download in this mode is successful, the reason is clearly in the last Tweak’s installed. Delete it and the device will recover.

If it still does not boot, then reboot it again. Then after 5 minutes, try calling on your iPhone.
If you can get through. great! This suggests that the phone’s boot break at the very last moment the OS starts. Then you should try to access the file system through the iTools or iFunBox programs and use them to look for the files that are responsible for the malfunction.

Otherwise, whether you want it or not, but in order to remove the burning apple on the phone screen, you still have to reinstall the iOS using the method that I talked about earlier.

Note: This instruction is suitable not only for iPhone 4, 5 or 6 smartphones, but also for iPad tablets, because one operating system is installed there and there, which means that the apple may burn on the iPad and it will not turn on and off at the same time.
Good luck and stable work!