The Phone Blinks When Charging In Red And Does Not Turn On – What To Do

The Phone Blinks When Charging In Red And Does Not Turn On - What To Do

The lack of reaction of the phone to an attempt to turn on is a terrible dream for any user. But sometimes it becomes a reality, and this problem needs to be solved, preferably as quickly as possible. This material will tell you what to do in a situation if the phone blinks when charging in red and does not turn on.

What is this problem?

The phone blinks when charging is connected and does not turn on – such symptoms are quite common, moreover, in different models of smartphones. Naturally, it is not so easy to single out a single reason for such a device’s behavior.

The phone blinks and does not turn on when charging

It can be anything – from problems with the phone battery to a typical system hang, regardless of the pre-installed OS. The victims of such a failure are all the popular brands of smartphones, including:

  • Samsung
  • Meizu, Xiaomi, Huawei and cheaper Chinese brands;
  • Sony, ASUS, etc.
  • iPhone

Solve the problem

Consider the possible causes of the problem and directly effective solutions. If you do not understand smartphones at all, follow each instruction in order.

1. Full discharge

The first case – the phone flashes red due to a completely dead battery. This happens in cases where the owners throw the smartphone into the “long box”, trying to bring it to life after a few weeks / months.

The nature of the failure is simple – the battery is completely deprived of energy, which does not even allow you to start the system simply. This provokes "indifference" to the power key.

To get started, connect the phone and wait about an hour

The solution does not require complicated manipulations – just leave your smartphone on charge for literally a few hours. After that, it is recommended to hold down the power button for 10-15 seconds, as the system may not respond to attempts to start normally.

In my case, the fully shrunken Samsung Grand Prime smartphone should have been hanging on charge for about an hour, after which it came to life and the charge was on. Therefore, this option should not be ruled out.

2. Software crash

Important – this method only works when the smartphone is suddenly turned off with full / partial charge. We will use the “Hard reset” of the Android system (Hard Reset) present in any modern smartphone:

  1. We transfer the phone to the “Recovery Mode” (Recovery Mode). For some models, the transition method is different, by default, you need to hold down the volume, power and "Home" buttons (the middle one on the bottom in the front model). To clarify the exact translation mechanism, you can use the search engine.
  2. Hold the combination for up to 20 seconds, after which the program menu of the device appears.
  3. We stop at the item “Reset all software data” (Wipe data / Factory reset).
  4. Select the column “Confirm” (Yes – delete all user data).
  5. After that, we find the item “Reboot right now” (reboot system now).

After rebooting, the problem should disappear. It should be noted that all data will be erased, and login problems may also occur due to an unknown Google account error.

3. Power supply failure

The Phone Blinks When Charging In Red And Does Not Turn On - What To Do

It sounds funny, but sometimes it’s a broken outlet that loves to nerve the owners of smartphones – try connecting the charger to another one, after checking the operation of other home appliances.

Another common case is damage to the USB cable or charger unit. Try changing your diet. Twist cable bends, blow plugs and sockets.

Separately check the capabilities of the power supply itself – milliampere data should be written on it. Perhaps your unit does not have enough speed to start a smartphone / tablet. By the way, a very common problem on cheap Chinese devices.

Remove any debris, dust and dirt from the connectors

4. Battery malfunction

It is possible to check the condition of the battery only on devices with a removable cover – carefully remove it, remove the battery. We inspect it for swelling, obvious scratches, molten / burnt elements.

Be sure to check the battery

If all is well – wipe with a damp cloth, also do not bypass the side of the clamp (protruding contacts). They must be smooth, otherwise we do not recommend correcting anything on our own.

In the case of a non-removable battery, you need to use special applications – AccuBattery (checks the battery charge controller) and Battery. But they will be relevant after any inclusion.

5. Mechanical damage

There are several options:

  • The power button has broken / shifted, which does not allow you to simply give a signal. Such a repair will cost you no more than 4, provided that you save the "native" button.
  • Damaged socket for usb cable – may be the result of careless handling, sudden pulling of the cable. Repair also will not fly into a penny, spend in the region of 6-12 (depending on model).
  • "Battery death" is one of the most unpleasant options. Battery repair is obviously useless, and in the case of buying a new one you sometimes have to expect delivery up to a month.
  • The contacts inside the back cover are damaged – they are responsible for the transfer of power to the elements of the mobile phone. It is difficult to assess the cost of repairs in this case, it all depends on the deplorable state, model, service center.

The phone blinks when charging in red and does not turn on – where to go?

We strongly do not recommend repairing yourself by disassembling inaccessible items using the guides on the Internet – they are also done by professionals in their field who should be addressed with a similar problem.

Better yet, find a specialized smartphone brand repair department in your city. Yes, repairs from the manufacturer often come out more expensive, but you get a guarantee of the quality of the work done.

We hope this material helped you understand the situation when the phone blinks when charging in red and does not turn on – most often our instructions help, the main thing is to complete everything correctly!