The Phone Does Not Charge When Turned On

The Phone Does Not Charge When Turned On

Unfortunately, such a problem in our time is not uncommon. The phone has too many functions, and the more load, the more wear. Various charging problems are common, including one in which the device is only able to charge when turned off. Moreover, gadgets based on both Android and Apple are subject to it.

Which phones are affected

In all modern smartphones, the power connector is combined with a communication one. On the one hand, it is convenient and reduces the number of wires to one. But on the other hand, this led to a complication of the firmware. As a result, there are a variety of charging problems.

Immediately it is worth noting that absolutely all modern gadgets are subject to the indicated problem, no one is safe from this. However, most often it is noted in more budget brands. Complain about the Chinese ZTE, Meizu, Xiaomi. Here the problem may be in poor-quality firmware.

However, others – Honor, Lenovo, Nokia – this may be. The most reliable, of course, are the iPhone, as well as smartphones Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Huawei, LG, Asus, Sony Xperia. But their owners are not insured against anything.

The phone is charging off: reasons and solutions

And now, in fact, about the causes of such a malfunction of the mobile device. There can be several of them – from malfunctions of the equipment itself to installed software. Consider the most common:

Charger Issues

Software issues

    The Phone Does Not Charge When Turned On
  1. Running applications. In the on state, any mobile device consumes energy. If several applications that are turned on or left in the background, especially resource-intensive, are working on it at this time, then the energy consumption increases several times. Powerful applications with weak charging can reduce this whole process to nothing. With the device turned off, of course, everything goes as it should.
  2. Blocking software. Some third-party programs can also control the charging process. For example, some utilities are used to drip charge or disconnect it when connected to a computer. If the reason is in them, then you will have to say goodbye to them, and also clean the phone using a special program – for example, Clean master. In extreme cases, you will have to resort to a reset to the factory settings.
  3. Operating system. In modern models, the charging process is closely related to software. If there was a failure in the OS, an unsuccessful update came out, a bug or glitch happened, then the included smartphone may stop charging. Resolving a similar problem can reset all settings, roll back updates or update the OS to a higher fixed version.
  4. Viruses. Malicious programs can block the possibility of charging the battery, so if the phone is turned off, then the application does not work.

Technical problems

  1. Controller malfunction. The controller is responsible for the charging process – a small power management chip. If it fails, it will cause various problems with charging. As a rule, it is located on the battery itself, because of this the simplest solution will be to simply replace it, and not repair it
  2. Device malfunction. Problems can arise in the circuits and microcircuits of the device itself and when the device is turned on, it simply will not see the battery, most often this happens after mechanical damage (drop, shock, strong shaking).
  3. Battery. The resource of modern lithium batteries used in smartphones is 2 to 3 years. With active use, even less. As you use them, their capacity decreases, and the resistance increases. As a result, the device is easier to charge when it is turned off – so less load and less energy consumption. If more than three years have passed since the purchase of the battery, it is worth replacing it with a similar model.

To determine exactly what the problem is, you need to be attentive to your mobile device. The first thing to check is the charger and battery. If everything is in order with them, the software and the system are subject to verification.

During charging, the phone should be busy with one single thing: to charge. You should not play, listen to music, watch videos on the device connected to the power supply. It is also worth disconnecting all included and in the background applications. In general, you should turn them on only when you use them, and immediately after that turn them off. This will reduce the load on the battery and allow it to remain operational longer, easily and quickly restore the charge and hold it longer.

Have you ever had a problem with the phone charging only when it is turned off? Tell us in the comments you were able to solve this problem and which method helped. This will help make the material more useful and complete.