The Phone Has Blocked The Sim Card What To Do

The Phone Has Blocked The Sim Card What To Do

Possible cases of SIM card blocking

  • When connected to a mobile operator, along with a SIM card on a plastic base, individual codes are issued. PIN and PUK. Pin required for the initial activation of the SIM card on the network and subsequent access to it. Most devices have a function to disable input. PIN code when accessing a mobile phone. If you forgot Pin and dialed it three times incorrectly, the SIM card is automatically blocked. To restore access to mobile communications, you will need to enter PAK code. If you entered this code incorrectly more than ten times, then the SIM card will be permanently blocked by the operator.

Entering a PIN code on a mobile phone display

  • In case of loss of a mobile phone, you can voluntarily block a SIM card. Thus, you will deprive the attackers of the opportunity to use the funds on the balance of your personal account for their own purposes.

The operator may restrict access to your personal account and mobile services for several reasons, such as:

  • negative balance of the personal account,
  • prolonged non-use of mobile communications (even if there is money on the balance of the personal account),
  • a large debt to the operator for the provided communication services.

We will analyze all the situations in more detail.

PIN code is incorrectly dialed three times

Blocked SIM card how to unlock?

First of all, you need to turn to the envelope or plastic base issued by the operator when buying a SIM card.

There will be the PAK code needed to unlock.