The Screen Does Not Work On The Iphone, And The Phone Itself Works, What To Do

The Screen Does Not Work On The Iphone, And The Phone Itself Works, What To Do

Apple is famous for the quality of its products, unfortunately, even its smartphones and tablets do not last forever. And if you read this article, it means that you are faced with a terrible problem. the display has stopped working, while the smartphone itself continues to function perfectly. Is it possible to overcome this problem on my own? Or a trip to the service center is provided? Well, let’s look at these issues in detail.

A number of various factors can bring your iPhone’s screen into a non-working state. First of all, these are, of course, physical defects: falls on a solid surface, water and so on. And if there is salvation from water. to dry the device in time, then with a strong blow the iPhone screen will not work in most cases.

The screen does not work on the iPhone, and the phone itself works, what should I do?

The touchscreen of the gadget shows the image, but in certain areas it does not respond to finger taps;

The iPhone screen takes too long to recognize clicks;

The sensor is visually working, but does not respond to touch at all;

The display randomly taps into the menu, types messages. in general, it lives independently, regardless of the actions of the host device.

Independent solution to the problem

But what to do if the screen does not work on the iPhone, while the phone itself continues to work?

Let’s look at all kinds of options before going to the service center:
– If the touchscreen itself began to type text (as in the fourth paragraph), with a long delay it recognizes touches (as in the second paragraph) or does not respond to zone pressures (as in the first paragraph), an ordinary reboot can help. Yes, it didn’t seem to you. She really repeatedly helped us out in such situations.

But here is the problem. How to execute it if the smartphone does not allow to get to the reboot menu?

The Screen Does Not Work On The Iphone, And The Phone Itself Works, What To Do

At the same time, press the central HOME button (the one with the fingerprint scanner) and the power button;

Hold them until the device reboots (about fifteen to twenty seconds);

If you see the company logo, then the procedure was successful. check the operability of the touchscreen.

– Perhaps you recently bought a new bumper, film or protective glass. It is possible that this acquisition has become the root of the problem. Try to return everything to square one, save the gadget from "protection".

Well, the display did not work? Then there is only one way out. a trip to the service center. Or, as an option, you can do it yourself, but then you risk even more damage the gadget. Therefore, we still recommend a little money, turning to an experienced specialist who has not a hundred repaired gadgets behind him!

In order not to look silly in the eyes of a specialist, remember that all the latest Apple devices are equipped with a three-part touch glass. a protective glass, a touchscreen and a screen. You cannot replace these elements individually!

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