The Tv Does Not Turn On, The Lamp Does Not Light – What To Do

The Tv Does Not Turn On, The Lamp Does Not Light - What To Do

As soon as television became quite widespread, immediately people almost stopped spending family leisure time for walks in the fresh air. As a rule, everyone goes for relaxation to the screen. However, what to do if the TV does not turn on, the lamp does not light or blink? If a new LCD device or any other quite expensive option fails, it is clearly necessary to contact a service center. You can also try to fix the problem yourself at your own peril and risk. This article will be devoted exactly to how to deal with problems.

What to do first?

First you need to inspect the equipment. The manual describes solutions to some basic and non-hard failures. For example, the problem of a non-switched-on TV may well be that it was connected incorrectly or the operating mode was selected, the power button was accidentally pressed or broken. In addition, it cannot be ruled out that the power supply could burn out.

Before you look for solutions to resolve problems, if the TV does not turn on, the light does not light, you need to determine what kind of device you purchased. There are liquid crystal, plasma and picture tubes. In case of small malfunctions, in principle, there will not be much differences in the repair, the only difference is in the “design” of the internal design of the device.

Types of Faults

TVs can have various problems that cause about the same “symptoms”. In this case, the devices need a quick fix.

  • The indicator flashes red.
  • The TV clicks, humming, hissing or whistling.
  • The indicator does not work at all.
  • The TV does not turn on, the light is on.

What to do in each specific situation can be found in this article. But you need to remember that, as a rule, the same characteristic of a broken device will be either the lack of reaction to the console, or a complete shutdown when the power supply is turned on.

Key failure indicators

Before you start troubleshooting, you must try turning on the TV again. It is possible that the problem is in the power button, which for some reason has ceased to work stably. The indicator can either light up or not, so you should also pay attention to it. In the first case, the problem is definitely not nutrition.

Often, consumers are faced with this problem: the Toshiba TV does not turn on, the light is on, and there is no damage. So what’s the problem? We will examine further in the article. You need to pay attention to the fact that it does not matter from which manufacturer the broken TV is: the solution to the problem will be the same. However, consumers who prefer Toshiba, Samsung, LG, Philips, unfortunately, encounter such malfunctions quite often.

What could be the problems when the indicator is on?

In the event that the indicator does not want to respond to the remote, it is worth trying to turn on the TV thanks to the control button (relevant for those whose device does not exit pause mode). It may be that the remote control is broken.

So, if the control button did not help turn on the device, you need to pay attention to how the indicator behaves. What happened if it glows green? As a rule, this is the problem that accompanies those owners who have noticed that the Samsung TV does not turn on. The light is green when the device is in sleep mode.

Sometimes the problem lies in the disabled "Network" function. It should be always on. Otherwise, the TV will not work and will stop responding to the remote.

A flashing and off indicator indicates other problems. They are described below.

The indicator is off and the TV does not turn on.

If the indicator does not light, and the TV itself does not show signs of life, then often a problem. in a broken power supply or lack of electricity. If the bulb just burned out, then the device would work without any problems. Before you panic and get in touch with your master, you can try to find out the cause yourself and eliminate it.

You should not immediately call expensive specialists if the Samsung TV does not turn on. Is the light on? No? Read the tips below.

The most common breakdown options

One of the commonplace problems is a breakdown in the outlet or lack of electricity. Here you need to look for the resolution of the fault in the panel or in the network connector. Sometimes the reason is a complete lack of electricity. As a rule, in this case the whole house is disconnected. Check that with a socket, you can use a special screwdriver or tester. If there is no power, then go to the inspection of the machine. To guarantee a better test result, click the plug a few times. If this does not help, then you should call an electrician.

If the TV is a kinescope, then a blown fuse may be a common cause of failure. It is because of him that food ceases to be supplied. In the event that the part in the device is located in an easily accessible place, then you can replace it yourself, without unnecessary expenses for a specialist.

Philips TV does not turn on. Is the light on? If not, then it is likely that the consumer has incorrectly selected the active mode. Many modern devices have special functions that allow it to enter a "sleeping" state. In this case, the TV responds to the remote control. Just go to the menu and select the “TV” mode.

If the TV is connected through an extension cord, then it is worth checking its operability. In the case when the device turns on during direct operation with a power outlet, the problem lies precisely in the “intermediary”. It is quite obvious how this malfunction is solved – with a new or repaired extension cord.

The Tv Does Not Turn On, The Lamp Does Not Light - What To Do

The TV may not turn on if it has any broken parts. We are talking about chips or capacitors, as well as the power supply, buttons. In this case, it’s best not to try to fix the problem on your own, because incorrect actions can lead to big problems.

Other types of breakdowns

Quite often, owners notice that the TV does not turn on, the light does not light, and strange hiss and clicks are heard from the speakers. Devices of different companies can, having the same problem, give completely different “symptoms”.

What should be paid attention to?

  • The TV does not turn on.
  • The indicator blinks, or it completely stops burning.
  • From the speakers comes hissing, whistling or clicking.

The most common causes of this behavior of technology

  • Heating of either the cabinet or internal parts of the television. The most common problem for plastic items. In this situation, the non-inclusion of the device, the absence of the glow of the indicator and clicks will be characteristic of a working model. To fix the problem, just let the equipment rest for at least an hour.
  • The TV does not turn on, the lamp does not light up – such nuances are characteristic of the triggered protection of the device. As a rule, if the power supply breaks or other basic parts, the TV switches to a special mode. This avoids the most serious problem that will result from a small malfunction. In this case, the device is unlikely to show signs of life. To fix the problem and switch to operating mode, you need to repair the main problem.
  • The TVs will whistle and the indicator will not light if the power supply is too heavy. You can fix the problem by replacing the transformer, microcircuit or transistor, as a rule, it is they that cause a similar problem.

TV Supra does not work

If the TM “Supra” TV suddenly started to click when it was turned on, and the indicator stopped lighting (or began to blink), then you should not be immediately scared. Such a problem with the models of this manufacturer is a normal phenomenon. Quite often it happens that the Supra TV does not turn on, the light is on, off, or blinking.

The first thing to do. replace the electrolytes in the chip. As a rule, this action helps to solve the problem. If such actions were not effective, and the above methods also could not provide the desired result, you will have to carry the device to a service center.

About the same needs to be done if the LG TV does not turn on. The light is on or off – this is not a significant issue. Often, devices from this manufacturer break down due to problems with microchips.