Tracking Your Location By Phone Number Is Now Easy

Tracking Your Location By Phone Number Is Now Easy

Often there are situations when it is necessary to find out the exact place in which a person is located. This option is provided by all telecom operators. And you can also determine the location through certain applications that run on phones. In the article you can learn in detail how to set the location by phone number for free.

Geolocation via phone number – general information

Before moving on to methods of determining the location of a person, you need to understand how it works. Such a process has a name – geolocation. In fact, the process presented is quite simple. Most carriers use the LDCS platform to calculate location. You can use this service only with the consent of the subscriber. And for this, a certain fee will be charged.

  • location is not entirely accurate (from 50 to 300 meters in large cities and up to one kilometer in places where there is no connection);
  • the interval between the coordinate request is at least 5 minutes;
  • a disconnected smartphone cannot be tracked.

Location by phone number is sometimes required to track with a child or relative.

Is it possible to determine the location by phone number

Many have seen in various films and TV shows how they track a person using his phone. Such a function is indeed available and accessible even to ordinary people.

The easiest way to track a person is to connect the corresponding service with a telecom operator. You can also take advantage of various applications available for free download on the Internet. In more detail, to learn about all of the listed methods, you can below.

Previously, only special services could determine the location by phone number. Today, the world of digital and mobile technology is much simpler.

Cellular operators and their services for geolocation

Each major telecommunications company operating in Russia has its own programs, with which you can find out where the person is currently located. Such information is transmitted in the form of coordinates via SMS messages or shown on the map. Detailed conditions of geolocation services from various operators:


This telecom operator has a geolocation service presented in the Locator program. Moreover, by connecting the presented service, you can track not only MTS clients, but also users of other operators.

The only condition for the correct operation of the program is the availability of an Internet connection on your mobile phone. Initially, the program is provided for free, within two weeks after connecting. In the future, a monthly fee is charged, the amount of which is 100 rubles.

You can connect services using the following methods:

  1. Sending USSD commands. In this case, you just need to type on the mobile team – 1117883 #.
  2. Sending SMS message. A message is sent to the number 6677, and in the text you must specify the number that you want to track.
  3. Through a call center. In this case, you need to call by number 0890, the remaining connection steps will be performed by the operator.

Many operators offer a location by phone number.

Tele 2

The presented operator offers its customers the Geopoisk service. Unlike the previous version, this service allows you to find the location of only Tele 2 subscribers. In addition, you can track the subscriber only in the home region. More details at Tele 2 Support.

Cost of use – 60 rubles per month. To connect, you need to dial # 1192 Tracked Phone Number #.


Here, the program that allows you to locate a subscriber is called “Coordinates”. In this case, you can determine the coordinates of only other Beeline users. Moreover, for this it is necessary to obtain permission from the monitored subscriber.

The cost of the service is 1.7 rubles per day (for the first week, no fee will be charged). Service activation is done through sending messages to number 4770 or through a call to customer support (0665).


This operator has a tracking service called Radar. You can track subscribers using any operator. This service has three versions at once:

Light – for free use (one tracked number, tracked once a day), Standard – 3 rubles per day (one subscriber, an unlimited number of definitions) and Plus – 7 rubles per day (up to 5 subscribers).

GPS capabilities

In almost every modern smartphone, GPS is integrated. Thanks to GPS, the user can: build a specific route and follow it, determine his location, determine the location of other subscribers (using various applications).

Geolocation by phone number is a convenient feature for many parents.

Geolocation by phone number online over the Internet

Also, to determine the current location, you can use various services provided on the Internet. This method is quite simple, since in this case the subscriber only needs to enter the number of the monitored phone.

However, it is worth considering that some of these services charge a certain fee for their services. In addition, an Internet search often does not give exact results.

Popular geolocation services that work on the Internet:

  1. Phone-location. The presented service works absolutely free. Here, to obtain the necessary information, you must specify the tracking number. After a few minutes, the service will present all the necessary information about the current location of the subscriber, and also show this place on the map.
  2. Find a phone. This service also works for free. In order to use its services, the user does not need to register or download additional applications. Location information is provided within minutes and is displayed on a map.

You can find out the location by phone number in 5 minutes if you have Internet access.

Search for location by phone number via Android applications

If you have a device that runs on the Android operating system. You do not want to connect services from a telecom operator. In this case, you can use the following applications created for determining location:

Android Device Manager

Free app for Android. With it, you can track the location of the smartphone, as well as remotely block it. In this case, to connect the device, you need to create a Google account and provide access to viewing to trusted persons. After connecting, the map will provide information about the current location in which the smartphone is located.

My GPS position

In this application, you can get accurate geolocation data about various devices. The application is available for free download on Google Play. Also in this application, you can quickly share data about the current location with your friends.

It is very useful to know how to find out a person’s location by phone number. The function helps parents find children and other people of their relatives.

Programs for geolocation on iPhone

On all modern iPhones, the program "Find Friends" is automatically installed. With this program you can determine the current location of your friends. If you do not have this program installed, then you can download it in the App Store.

Find My iPhone. A third-party application available for free download on the App Store. It works on all devices with the iOS operating system.

To obtain information about the location of a person, you must enter his password from iCloud. The only drawback of the program is that it works only where there is access to the network.

Find location by phone number – USSD requests

Above, programs from telecom operators have already been presented, allowing to determine the location of other subscribers. For location information, you can simply send the appropriate USSD request. Queries for various operators:

Other operators do not have a USSD request to obtain information about the current location in which the subscriber is located. Locating by phone number is not considered a complex function. The main thing is to correctly type the request.

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Is it legal to act without the consent of the subscriber?

According to the constitution, every citizen of the Russian Federation has the right to privacy. However, at the request of special services, mobile operators will be required to provide information about the location of the subscriber. In other cases, to carry out such an action, the consent of the person being tracked is necessary.

You can find the phone location by number for free only with the mutual consent of the subscribers. Therefore, parents need to immediately think about the appropriate application.

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