Unlock Modem 3g E171 – E 173, For Sim Cards From Different Operators

Unlock Modem 3g E171. E 173, For Sim Cards From Different Operators

Firmware for USB 3G G modem Huawei E171 and E173 such as: Beeline, Megaphone, MTS.

When unlocking, the Internet speed may increase, I personally have not noticed anything like this on my modem, although the model is the other ZTE MF627. My colleague Palych, having a usb 3g modem with Huawei ZTE E171, flashed (unlocked) successfully. He says that even the speed of the Internet, from his modem, has become much faster. Everything is possible, I don’t argue, by the way, here is a little material on increasing the speed of the Internet network by launching one program AusLogics BoostSpeed. Once I used to have low speed with ADSL, then this program saved me.

Okay, everything is clear to us about speed, now let’s proceed to the unlock, or as they say to the usb 3g modem firmware? who like this term. To begin with, the operator from the Beeline modem does not request an unlock code. Using programs "HUAWEI_MODEM_Code_Writer" and "unlock". entering the code is useless, you will not get any result. All you need to do is update the version "Firmware" using FlashCode (if it asks for a password).

Unlock 3G modem HUAWEI E171. E173 in 4 steps.

  1. We’ll start downloading the unlock programs, and that’s it. Imei Calculator Huawei.
  2. We calculate the firmware code.
  3. Now we are starting the very unlocking of the USB 3G modem HUAWEI E171. E173.
  4. We look, the modem is unlocked under all SIM cards of operators, as said earlier, the speed increased.

Now attention, I spread more and more details 4 points.

Immediately make a reservation, the 3G USB modem E171 and E173 are completely identical in the hardware, which means that the USB modem E171 can be unlocked with firmware E173, while the Internet speed will increase. After this operation, the unlock, the modem is identified as E173. So.

one. Download programs:

Calculator Imei code Huawei 184 KB download

Firmware 3G USB modem Huawei E171, E173 8.2 MB Download from Deposit

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Firmware (Dashboard) 3G USB modem Huawei E171, E173 45.3 MB Download from Deposit

If anyone has this firmware version Dashboard doesn’t install, then download another version Download from Deposit

2. As everyone downloaded, first of all, run the calculator program (see. Fig.). We find the Imei modem, which is under the cover, where you have a SIM card inserted, if not, then look in the modem program.

After that, as they found it, enter in the field called IMEI (15 digits). After that, click on the button "Calculate". Below, this program will give you 2 codes. We will need "Flash code" (second from the bottom, underlined by a red stripe). Copy the code or remember.

3. Remember, the Huawei modem will lock (flash) without a SIM card! For the first part, the firmware of the program "Dashboard", an unlock code is not required. We take out the sim card from the usb 3g modem and connect it to the computer, after that we launch "Dashboard", we agree with the terms of this program, and press the button "Next". The modem itself begins to be determined, after determining it, click on the button "Next". After that, the firmware process begins.

Attention! In no case, during firmware, do not remove the modem or turn off the computer!

Well, the modem is flashed, the first part of the program "Dashbord". We pass to the second part "Marlezon Ballet", that is, a program "Firmware".

Run the firmware program "Firmware", still agree to the terms and click "Next", the program starts to detect the usb modem and request the firmware code. As described above, with the help of calculators we calculated the firmware code, enter or copy the resulting code. Press the “OK” button, the program will start flashing the modem.