Verify The Authenticity Of Your Iphone

Verify The Authenticity Of Your Iphone

Today, Apple phones are the most popular in the world. This provoked the production of copies or simply say fakes on iPhone phones.

Such questions arise even for users of this company.

How to distinguish a copy from the original? You can use the instructions below.

Checking the display screen

You can verify the authenticity by measuring the display of the phone. Take a ruler and measure the distance of the screen diagonal.

Should it be 3.5? or 8.9cm. If the size is different, then you have an explicit copy.

Check for SIM card slots

The original smartphone comes with only one SIM card. Try to find a SIM card slot.

For phones of the first generation (3G and GS) – the connector is located on top; the latest generation smartphones use a reduced size SIM card, and the slot is on the side.

And even if you have to remove the back panel to get to the SIM card, the phone is not the original.

Serial Number Verification

The serial number must be printed on the package, and also duplicated directly on the device, it must be checked to establish authenticity. If you did not find it, it is available through the operating system.

Find the serial number on your phone. The iPhone serial number format is ten digits of X:

  • XXXXXXXXXXX, where, the first XX – corresponds to the factory on which the telephone was manufactured;
  • the third X is the year of manufacture of the device (9 – released in 2009, 0 – in 2010, 1 – in 2011, etc.);
  • fourth and fifth sign XX – week of release;
  • from the sixth to the eighth character XXX is the unique identifier of the phone;
  • the ninth and tenth sign of XX is the color of the device case (for example, A4 is black for iPhone 4);
  • the eleventh X is the internal memory of the phone (S – corresponds to 16GB, T – 32GB for iPhone 4).

The manufacturer’s code can correspond to: 6Q, 7T, 7R, 7U, 84, 86, 88, etc. Most of the factories that make iPhone phones are located in China.

The last three characters give maximum information: color and internal memory capacity. A list of possible models can be found below.

2G Model:

VRO – silver with a memory capacity of 4GB;

WH8 – silver with 8GB;

0KH – silver with 16GB.

3G model

Y7H – black with 8GB;

Y7K – black with 16GB.

3GS Model

3NP – black phone with 16GB of RAM;

Verify The Authenticity Of Your Iphone

3NR – black with 32GB;

3NQ – white case with 16GB;

3NS – white case with 32GB.

Model 4:

A4S – black color of the case and 16GB;

A4T – black with 32GB.

There is an assumption that if the phone was under repair or parts were replaced, the first two digits from the serial number may begin with 5K. However, when carrying out repairs shortly before entering the direct sale, such things may not be in the serial number.

Check through the site

The above methods are designed for visual inspection.

You can verify the authenticity of the Device, if there is Internet access. It is better to use the SNDeepInfo service (link)

As a result of the verification, the main characteristics of the device will be displayed on the screen. If the displayed characteristics do not match those declared for your phone, or the serial number will not be recognized by the program.

It can be stated that this is an explicit copy.