Weak Sound In The Speaker Or Why The Iphone Became Quiet

Good Just the other day, some incomprehensible nonsense began to occur with my iPhone. It consisted in the fact that the sound from the speakers. ordinary and conversational, suddenly became quiet. And if you can still somehow live with the main poorly working speaker (no one canceled the vibro), then here is the fact that the interlocutor is very hard to hear during the call. this is quite a problem. And I really already was going to the service, but before that I decided to tinker myself. As a result, the author tried a lot of ways and one of them still helped. Victory!:)

To celebrate, it was decided to help everyone who is faced with quiet sound from the speakers on the iPhone and collect all the tips for resolving this trouble in this article. As they say. we will always be in time for the service, first we will try to fix it on our own. Go!

At first I wanted to divide the tips for each of the speakers specifically, and then I realized that they are almost identical, with rare exceptions. Therefore, do not blame me, all possible solutions will be presented in the form of a general list:

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  • Let’s start with the simplest, but you never know. Check if the volume level is at maximum? The buttons on the side of the device will help you change the volume.
  • Reboot the phone.
  • There is another very strange, but at the same time, very common situation. Immediately after buying an iPhone, people sometimes complain about a quiet sound during a conversation. The whole problem is the shipping film, which is glued directly to the phone at the factory. Since the iPhone is an expensive device, some do not remove the film. trying in this way to keep his appearance longer. Naturally, because of this, the speaker is blocked and the sound does not completely reach your ear.
  • We continue about accessories and the next in line. covers. If worn. It is recommended to remove and check already without them. Some part of the cover or bumper can easily block the lower speaker and thereby muffle the sound.
  • It is possible that the mesh that covers the speaker membrane is clogged. In this case, you can try to clean it (alcohol, a toothbrush, cotton wool and some non-sharp object will help you) or blow it off, just remember to be careful and careful during the whole process. True, another problem may lurk here, you can clean it from the outside, but dirt accumulates from the inside. You may have to disassemble the phone.
  • Try to insert and pull out the headphones. Judging by the messages on the forms, it’s such a simple action that helps some users.
  • In the event of moisture and corrosion, the sound may also be muffled or even completely absent. How to be Read about water and the iPhone here, about complete silence. here.
  • It must be remembered that there is only one lower speaker. It is on the right. If a quiet sound comes from the left, then at least this is a very strange phenomenon.

By the way, in my situation everything turned out to be much simpler.

Weak Sound In The Speaker Or Why The Iphone Became Quiet

It was to blame for some kind of software failure, which I personally associate with the use of beta firmware. It was enough to make a recovery and that’s all, the sound became loud again.

I hope that one of the listed methods will help you and you do not need to visit the service center. However, it may happen that this cannot be avoided. But there is good news, repairs will be relatively inexpensive and will do it quickly. Replacement speakers. simple operation.