What Devices Do Airpods Connect To?

What Devices Do Airpods Connect To?

In 2016, Apple blew up the market when it unveiled its wireless headset. A lot of time has passed, but until then not everyone knows What devices do Airpods work with?

The decision of the California company to remove the standard mini-jack (3.5 mm jack) caused a lot of controversy and speculation. Apple clearly wanted to say something this way, namely to hint and try to promote the idea of ​​a wireless headset. What is the peculiarity of the headset from Apple and Can I connect Airpods to two devices??

How to connect Airpods to another device

You can not take wireless headphones from other manufacturers, which in turn will also be a mess cheaper, and connect to the iPhone. This is impossible, because the headset has a special chip.

It’s all about the software stuffing headphones. Airpods has a special chip from Apple. The headset is based on the W1 processor, a proprietary company from Cupertino. This chip provides the full functioning of the headphones. He chip makes possible the maximum simplification of pairing the headset with smartphones from Apple – iPhone. The actions that need to be done are as simple as possible: you just need to open the cover next to the phone and a notification appears on the gadget with a synchronization window with iPhone.

Similarly, the headset can be connected to a laptop, for this you may need to use additional software.

People even manage to connect the headset to the PS4, however, for this again, you will have to look at the instructions. And of course, it’s easy to connect Airpods to:

More on the chip itself

This chip also provides connectivity and consumes less power. Among other things, he works in tandem with an accelerometer and sensors to regulate the microphone. This is necessary so that the user can use one headphone or two, depending on the situation. Thanks to this technology, the user hears music as soon as he puts on his Airpods headphones. Interestingly, this chip is also present in Beats headphones, which also belong to Apple.

What Devices Do Airpods Connect To?

Each earphone has a sensor that works in the infrared spectrum.

He can understand and recognize when the device is in the ear. Interestingly, you can use the Airpods headset with other devices. For example, with an Apple Watch or Mac, provided the latest software is installed. In addition, Apple’s headphones can be connected to other third-party devices. To do this, you need to have a standard Bluetooth player on your device that can sync with your Airpods headset.

The convenience of Apple’s headset is obvious. Working in your environment (if you have products from Apple) will be as comfortable as possible to use the potential of Airpods. For example, paired with Siri, the headset can help make calls or do any other actions available to the voice assistant.

Summarizing, we can say that such a headset is useful primarily to owners of technology from Apple, people who need mobility, autonomy and reliability. Airpods maximize their capabilities if paired with an iPhone.