What Features Of Ios 13 Did Apple Postpone Until Ios 13

There are only two days left until iOS 13. Despite the fact that some of the innovations are available in the Golden Master version of the update, it will be impossible to test them all on the day the update is released. As it turned out, it was decided to postpone some of the new iOS features presented at WWDC’2019 this summer. They will be available to owners of compatible devices with the release of iOS 13.1, which will be released less than two weeks after iOS 13-30 September. We understand what these functions are and why in Cupertino they decided to hold their way out.

What Features Of Ios 13 Did Apple Postpone Until Ios 13

What’s New in iOS 13.1

Automation of quick commands

What Features Of Ios 13 Did Apple Postpone Until Ios 13

Automatic execution of quick commands

A year ago, Apple added support for fast commands to iOS, which seriously expanded the functionality of the operating system. In fact, quick commands are scripts that prescribe the sequential execution of specific tasks, such as downloading videos from YouTube or playing them in the background. In iOS 13.1, quick commands will be able to turn on automatically when certain scenarios are run. For example, when connected to the car’s on-board computer, music will turn on and the sound of incoming calls will be muted.

Location on Apple Maps

How to share location on Apple Maps

In iOS 13, Apple developers have significantly improved Apple Maps by adding support for the Look Around mode, which is similar to Google panoramas. However, this is not the only innovation presented at the presentation. For convenience, the maps received a function that allows you to share the user’s current location. For some reason, its implementation was decided to be postponed until iOS 13.1.

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Volume visualization

Accessories volume control

In iOS 13 in Cupertino, they did what millions of users asked for. they changed the appearance of the volume control window. Now, the increase or decrease in volume will be visualized not in the form of a speaker icon moving to the middle of the screen with gradations of sound, but in the form of a small oval, like those that are today responsible for adjusting the volume and brightness in the Control Center. With the release of iOS 13.1, compatible devices will begin to visualize a similar change in the volume of connected accessories.


What Features Of Ios 13 Did Apple Postpone Until Ios 13

Despite the fact that iPadOS is not an integral part of iOS 13, being an independent operating system, Cupertino postponed its release until September 30, as did iOS 13.1. Such a decision in relation to the iPadOS is more than justified, given how much work the developers had to do to isolate one platform from another, and then expand its functionality to meet the requirements of tablet computers.

Mouse scrolling

What Features Of Ios 13 Did Apple Postpone Until Ios 13

How mouse scrolling works in iPadOS

Mouse support has become one of the key features of iOS 13. Neither the night theme, nor adaptive charging have caused such unanimous approval from users. However, in iOS 13, the mouse works with serious limitations, not allowing, in particular, to use the scroll wheel outside the Settings app. In iOS 13.1, this shortcoming will be fixed, although mouse support as such will still remain a “Universal Access” feature.

Why Apple decided to delay these features, given their insignificance, is quite difficult. One could understand the company by transferring the release of Look Around to Apple Maps or a night theme that obscures the operating system interface. But here the full impression is that these innovations were specially postponed to justify the launch of iOS 13.1. Why was this needed? Perhaps behind this update, Apple wanted to hide other, more significant innovations that users are not supposed to know about. It could be any security fixes or something like that. What do you think? Leave the answers in the comments or our Telegram chat.

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