What Is A Backup And Does Your Iphone 6 Need It

What Is A Backup And Does Your Iphone 6 Need It

If you have recently purchased an iPhone, we advise you from the very beginning of its use to accustom yourself to regularly copy the information available on it. This procedure does not require much time, and brought to automatism is generally not burdensome. It’s like brushing your teeth – boring, but you just have to do it and that’s it. Fortunately, modern software developments from the manufacturer allow you to create them even without the direct participation of the owner.

Backup is the key to the safety of your personal data.

After all, no one is safe from theft, loss or inadvertent damage to a smartphone. And why, besides the annoying regrets about the loss of your beloved expensive gadget, to grieve even about the forever lost, sweetheart photos or contacts. It is better to play it safe and be sure that you will have a backup if necessary.

Backup iphone, useful after an unexpected unsuccessful software update. When the only method of salvation is to reset the settings of the smartphone, and then you will have to delete everything that is “acquired by overwork”. And with the help of backup it is easy to restore the recent version. In addition, it is very convenient in this way to transfer all important personal data from the previous device to a new one.

Most often, two resources are used – the proprietary iCloud data warehouse and the computer “companion” of the iPhone — iTunes. With their help, it is not difficult to create copies of the settings and resources you need.

iCloud – always up to date

Among the advantages of the first resource – iCloud – ease of use, since it is enough to connect the iPhone to wireless Wi-Fi and copying is done automatically. And so every day. Therefore, thanks to him, you can create the latest, current base. Very practical. In addition, it will be easy for you to do the restoration in any convenient place where wireless networks exist, and without any additional gadgets or wires.

It is activated by selecting in the settings section of the iCloud tab, then in the "Backup" section, click on the offer – create a backup. After a one-time connection, the device will automatically backup itself. Usually it is performed in the evening when the iPhone is charging, provided Wi-Fi is turned on. At this time, the device is the least loaded and for sure the process will go faster and better. Information is stored in a personal virtual cloud, which only you will have access to.

As the cloud fills, the system can remove unnecessary, outdated databases. This is due to the limited cloud limit provided by Apple. A resource is allocated for free, which will include 5 GB of data. Anything over 5 GB is payable.

The cloud typically stores the last three recently added copies. IPhone settings, chat and messages are saved. Keep in mind that if you have not made fresh copies for more than 180 days, then Apple may delete them at the end of this period so as not to save huge volumes of unclaimed data on its servers. And you will not be able to resort to their help.


ITunes software is the choice of the person who prefers to store private information only on a computer or removable media. Before connecting, be sure to update the program to the latest version, otherwise it can then cause recognition problems.

Connect the smartphone with a cable, and in the running iTunes application, in the tab of your device, go to the "Overview". Find the “Backups” item there, follow the prompt to do this manually and start the copy process.

If you want to free up PC memory and delete obsolete copies, from the settings go to the device tab, select old files that are no longer needed, and click "Delete".

In order not to forget that the time has come to make another copy, put the appropriate “reminder” on any of your gadgets.

Set a password – do not be lazy!

What Is A Backup And Does Your Iphone 6 Need It

It is highly advisable to password-back up your device so that attackers cannot steal your data or delete it. To do this, when creating it, select the checkbox "Encrypt backup" in the "Attachment" attachment. We recommend that you write it down so that you probably won’t forget it, since now the password to unlock the iphone backup will be requested each time you copy.

How to use the existing copy?

So, we figured out how to backup. Now we find out how to restore the iphone from a backup with the most saved content.

Be sure to update all the iPhone software to the latest version. Then select the “Reset” item in the main settings and initiate the erase process. The automatic assistant starts up and you will be asked to select the source from which to restore. Select “Restore from iCloud copy”, specify the desired file with copies, enter your identification passwords .

To restore iPhone from a copy created on an authorized PC in iTunes – connect it with a cable to the computer where you downloaded the data. Before that, do not forget to temporarily deactivate the “Find iPhone” option.

Then you have several options: in the menu, select “File”, then “Devices”, and click on the offer to restore from backup; or similar steps can be done through the “Backups” section, it has a similar “Restore from copy” tab.

Finally, we note that the most successful and reliable combination is the use of both resources at once. Background copying in iCloud every day will ensure the safety of current information of small volumes (since storage is limited). And for resource-intensive, voluminous files, it’s enough to create copies through iTunes a couple of times a month, and upload them to a computer or to external media. This will allow in the future to most fully recover the lost data.