What Is The Difference Between Iphone Xs And Iphone Xr

What Is The Difference Between Iphone Xs And Iphone Xr

September 2018 The world celebrated not only the beginning of a new school year. There was a reason for joy among fans of Apple products – three new versions of the iPhone X smartphone at once: iPhone Xs, iPhone Xr, and iPhone Xs Max.

We were delighted, but immediately fell into confusion: the prices are large and different, but there are no big differences between the new products. Is it really?

Compare iPhone Xs and iPhone Xr and find out why we overpay in the first case and how we save on the second.

Differences iPhone Xs

As the name implies, the smartphone is an updated version tenth iPhone. What transformations affected him:

  1. He became heavier for 3 grams.
  2. Added a new color scheme for the case – gold.

It is worth noting that this device charges a little faster and holds a charge for half an hour longer than its predecessor. Plus, the opportunity to use simultaneously two SIM cards.

Differences iPhone Xr

Seeing the prices of this smartphone, many users for some reason immediately attributed it to the category of budget. It seems like Apple very much “cut” it in some functions, and also greatly saved on material for the case. Is it really?

Differences iPhone Xr Compared to Tenth:

What Is The Difference Between Iphone Xs And Iphone Xr
  1. Instead of steel – a frame of aluminum and increased body thickness.
  2. Six body color options.

It seems that the iPhone Xr is not a continuation of the Tenth iPhone series, but an improved version of the iPhone 8 in the iPhone X case.

That is, comparing the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xr is not entirely correct. And to call the second option the budget is wrong, especially since the company itself does not consider it from this perspective.

As you can see, the price of iPhone Xr formed from the fact that:

  • replaced steel with cheaper aluminum, as in the eighth iPhones;
  • left LCD screen with a lower resolution, against the OLED display in the tenth iPhone. Here this fact remains to the amateur. Someone admires the colorful colors of the OLED screen, while someone fundamentally buys devices with an LCD screen.
  • missed one camera. But! The quality of pictures, especially the depth in portrait samples, is much better on iPhone Xr than on iPhone Xs. Maybe the second camera is not so much needed?
  • they didn’t integrate 3D Touch – but they lived earlier without it.

But with all this, the device works. stably at long and high loads. And the Xs version immediately loses its functionality. And in standalone mode, the Xr will last longer, while his brother will continue to consume battery power.

iPhone Xs and iPhone Xr – updated samples of the tenth iPhone. However, for the iPhone Xs will have to lay out approximately on 20000 rubles more. Although the iPhone Xr undeservedly identified in the ranks of the budget and look at him with suspicion. The above facts show who is who really is. Each of them is good in its own way. So the choice is left to the buyer – what he needs in the daily work from his phone.