What To Do If Intruders Blocked Your Iphoneipad

What To Do If Intruders Blocked Your Iphoneipad

In the comments on our website, readers often complain that they received a message on their iPhone / iPad like: “Your device is locked. To unlock, write to such a mail. " In this short instruction, we tried to summarize the experience of both our own and our readers, and tell you what to do in the situation described above.

The options for blocking messages may vary. Here are some of them:

To begin with, let’s talk about how to prevent malicious users from accessing your Apple ID, because it is thanks to this access that you can remotely lock your device.

Tip one – do not use email addresses at mail.ru, bk.ru, list.ru and inbox.ru as your Apple ID. These addresses are easily accessible to scammers, we talked about this in a separate article. Get yourself a Gmail inbox and use it as your Apple ID.

Tip two – change your Apple ID password to a more complex one. Incidentally, this is recommended by Apple itself. Moreover, if your password is too simple, Apple will force exchange it with you – as soon as you access the web page for managing your Apple ID.

Now let’s move on to the main thing. What to do if a message about blocking a device is received.

First, make sure that your iPhone or iPad is indeed locked, and you cannot unlock it yourself. To do this, log in with your Apple ID and password to the Find iPhone app on iCloud.com or on another iPhone / iPad. If you you can enter this application – immediately remove the lock from the locked device and urgently change the password for Apple ID.

Quite often, attackers simply crack the Apple ID, that is, they learn the password for it, but are too lazy to change the password to a new one. Therefore, you have a chance to solve the problem yourself.

What To Do If Intruders Blocked Your Iphoneipad

If bad people approached the matter seriously and changed your password to their own – do not rush to give your money to unlock the device. Feel free to contact Apple tech support – there they may very well help in such cases. Moreover, even without your presenting checks and other evidence that the locked iPhone / iPad belongs to you.

But all sorts of things happen – and if technical support does not help, the attackers still have to give the money to unlock your device. Immediately after your iPhone / iPad is unlocked – immediately change the password for Apple ID, if you used a "dangerous" mailbox (mail.ru and so on) – change it too. This will protect you in the future.

As you can see, options for solving the problem without financial loss are quite possible – and do not panic and immediately pay the required amount to scammers.

We will be grateful to our readers for reporting other solutions to the problem. If such methods are available – write to us about it, let as many people as possible learn about them.