What To Do If Iphone Or Ipad Does Not Turn On

What To Do If Iphone Or Ipad Does Not Turn On

If your Apple device freezes during the boot phase or turns off permanently without your command, then there may be two reasons. technical and software. Next, we will dwell on each option in more detail, but first you need to find out if your problem is suitable for the cases that will be discussed in this article.

The essence of the problem: the device does not turn on, the apple burns and goes out, black screen

So, the following error correction instructions will be valid only for the following cases:

  • When you turn on the device freezes, the screen remains black.
  • When turned on, an apple appears on the screen of the device, and after it goes out.
  • The phone or tablet does not respond to power-on attempts.
  • The boot process freezes during the appearance of the Apple logo.
  • The phone constantly turns itself off, without a host command.

Why iPhone or iPad does not turn on

If something from the above list happens to your device, then there are several reasons for this:

  • Software. the device behaves incorrectly due to an error in the operating system. Perhaps you accidentally corrupted system files yourself, maybe the cause was the installed third-party applications. If the device automatically switches to recovery mode. DFU Mode after each power-up, then this means that during the last recovery or firmware update there was some malfunction, which led to an incorrect installation of IOS. That is, the device will try to boot, stumble upon an error, and then automatically turn off, as it could not overcome the obstacle that appears.
  • Technical. this is a more serious reason, because it lies in the fact that the device cannot boot normally due to a breakdown in its insides. The iron of your iPhone or iPad could be damaged if the device fell, water fell on it, dust crept into its inside, due to which the contacts were shorted.

How to fix the situation

So, from the above material you should have understood why your device broke. If you still have not figured out what is causing the breakdown, then first try to get rid of the software error, and only then from the technical one. Adhering to this order is due to the fact that most often the reason lies in the software, and not in the insides, since Apple took care of their protection very well.

Software bug fix

If the error occurs due to incorrect operation of the operating system, then the surest way out is to restore the device firmware from scratch. You can do this using the iTunes program installed on your computer. But first, charge the device’s battery, plug it into an outlet for an hour. Even if the device does not turn on, the battery will charge, unless, of course, the problem of poor loading is not in it.

If you manage to recharge the device, then follow these steps:

    Unplug your device if it is not currently turned off.