What To Do If Songs In Apple Music And Podcasts On Ios Are Not Available

Age restrictions on access to content is a topic that Western companies, including Apple, pay great attention to. Many parents seek to isolate their children from foul language, which may be present in films, games, music and other content. Devices on the iOS operating system have a separate setting, which is responsible for including restrictions on the playback of music and podcasts with an Explicit rating, that is, intended for an adult audience.

By default, on iPhone, iPad, and iPod, the music restriction setting that is not intended for children can be activated. Accordingly, even adults can face the problem that in Apple Music or the Podcasts app a number of songs, albums or broadcasts are not available (their names are written in gray). In such a situation, you will need to disable the Explicit setting, and below we will look at how to do this.

How to remove age restrictions of music and podcasts in iOS

If the user wants to remove the established restrictions on content on the iPad or iPhone, he needs to know the password from the device. With this information, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to "Settings";
  2. Select “General” and go to the “Limitations” section. At the stage of entering the section, you will need to enter the password installed on the device. Please note that this is a password for a specific iPhone or iPad, not an Apple ID;
  3. If restrictions are enabled, then a menu will be written about this at the top. In such a situation, scroll down and select “Music, Podcasts and News”;
  4. If you want to turn off restrictions, then set the “Explicit” button to the off state.

Please note: For the changes to take effect, and the content limited by the age limits became available, you must completely close the application (delete from memory), which reported the restriction. That is, if the restrictions occurred in the “Podcasts” application, you need to double-click the “Home” button and unload it from memory, and then restart it.

How to set limits on iPhone or iPad

What To Do If Songs In Apple Music And Podcasts On Ios Are Not Available

If parents want to protect their children from prohibited to a certain age content, they have the opportunity to include the necessary restrictions in the settings of the iPhone or iPad. In addition, in the settings you can set restrictions on a number of key actions for the device and access to prohibited content: downloading and deleting applications, making in-app purchases in games and programs, using the camera, Safari browser and much more.

To configure the necessary restrictions, you need to go to "Settings", then select "General" – "Restrictions". After entering the password, you can make the necessary settings. The user has the opportunity to completely disable access to certain functions of the device, and set age limits for specific content.

In addition, depending on the age of the user of the device, you can enable the recommended country restrictions by selecting the appropriate country.