What To Do If The Ipad Does Not Turn On And The Apple Burns

What To Do If The Ipad Does Not Turn On And The Apple Burns

If when you turn on your Apple device, you see that the apple logo is on, but the iPad does not turn on, do not despair. Below are a number of ways to find out what the problem is, and possibly even fix it yourself.

Why the ipad does not turn on: the apple is on and the screen is off

There are three groups of reasons why your iPad does not turn on and, possibly, the apple does not even burn. These are the reasons:

  1. Faulty cable or charging adapter.
  2. Software crashes.
  3. Faulty device components.

Let’s move on to a more detailed consideration of the reasons why the iPad hangs on the apple and does not turn on.

An apple is burning on the ipad and it does not turn on. check the charge status

The reason, it would seem, is banal, but sometimes they don’t think that the tablet is discharged. It often happens that the iPad does not turn on: the apple burns and goes out after a fraction of a second. It is possible that the remaining battery charge allowed the device to turn on for a very short time. Pay attention to the cable and charging adapter. if they are damaged. Try charging another similar device with them or change the outlet. If after these manipulations the charging of the tablet has begun, then you should replace the faulty accessory or repair the outlet. Please note that only authorized Apple equipment must be used for charging.

Apple is burning and iPad is not turning on: software problems

Click on the button on the ipad. apple burns, then does not turn on. This may be a sign that some problems have occurred in your tablet software. The first thing to try is to reboot the device. A deep reboot can be accomplished by long pressing the power and home buttons. It is necessary to keep until the appearance of the apple logo. After a few seconds, your iPad is normal.

A universal way to fix a software error is to use the device recovery mode. To update or restore the firmware of the tablet, use iTunes.

The iPad does not turn on, but the apple burns: what to do?

If your tablet’s display is dark but the Apple logo is on, you should connect your tablet to iTunes. The version of iTunes should be the most modern. After connect the tablet to the computer.

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The recovery process is as follows.

  1. Turn off the iPad.
  2. On your computer, open iTunes (latest version).
  3. Connect the tablet with a cable to the computer.
  4. Press and hold the “Home” button until a message appears on the tablet’s screen “Connect to iTunes” or it becomes clear that the program found your device.

If, when connected to a computer, the program displays any messages or warnings, follow the steps on the screen to update or restore the iPad firmware. Actions through iTunes should help solve the software bug problem.

Note that during recovery, you may lose all data from your device. You can solve the problem by creating a copy of the data.

If the tablet is not visible when connected to iTunes, then use the DFU mode. Follow the strict timelines for working in this mode.

In case when both recovery options cannot be implemented, you can use another computer with iTunes installed on it. Sometimes the reason that the device is not recognized through the computer is a driver problem.

What to do if the iPad does not turn on and the apple is still burning?

Another group of reasons are faulty component devices. The battery, power controller, cable between the display and the motherboard or the battery charging port could fail. All of this can be replaced. If all the recommendations above did not solve the problem, contact a specialist for diagnosis. An electronic technician will help determine what’s not working and will replace the desired device element.

The presence of high-quality and expensive gadgets do not guarantee perfect operation without failures and breakdowns. All beloved Apple sometimes cause problems to owners, etc.

The problem is not always in the iPad. Before troubleshooting, you should make sure that the tablet itself is to blame, and not the network routers. Issues Due To iPad