What To Do If The Sony Xperia Battery Runs Out Quickly

The Sony Xperia line of smartphones is one of the best deals on the modern Android device market. Excellent cameras, a reliable body, perfectly selected characteristics and a convenient interface. each of these parameters is highly appreciated by users.
However, Japanese phones (however, like the vast majority of devices based on Android OS) have a serious problem. autonomy.
Quite often, users are faced with the fact that the Sony Xperia battery runs out quickly. In this case, the power source may become very hot. As a rule, the causes of these problems lie not in the smartphone itself, but in the settings of its firmware.
Fortunately, many years of research by specialists, as well as user experience in combating quick discharge, have identified specific sources of problems and solutions.

Free Apps

Most likely, the reader will be surprised to see this problem one of the first. Nevertheless, a study by Indian engineer Abhinav Patak showed that advertising in free software spends 3-6 times more than the application itself, since it uses both GPS and an Internet connection. Due to this versatile load, the battery also heats up, which gradually damages it. There are several ways to solve the problem:

  • reduced use of free software with advertising;
  • updating programs to paid versions;
  • disable GPS and the Internet when working with applications;

Geolocation (GPS)

A location search always takes a decent percentage of charge. At the same time, the constant operation of this module is not always justified, in particular, if applications such as instant messengers with automatic geolocation, maps (including navigators), and also some social networks are not used. One more source of increased consumption is eliminated quite simply:

  1. Pull the notification curtain;
  2. Find and click on the activated GPS icon on the toolbar;

Screen brightness

Automatic screen backlighting is by no means a useless function. The ideal option is to keep the backlight constantly at a minimum level, but if the lighting is constantly changing, it is better to use the automatic mode.

What To Do If The Sony Xperia Battery Runs Out Quickly

Disabling background applications

The Xperia battery and programs running in the background decently eat up the battery even after turning off the screen. The Greenify utility helps you deal effectively with this.
It is quite easy to use, since unloading unnecessary software from the background will require only a couple of actions:

  1. Install the application and scroll through 1-2 pages of training.
  2. Click on the small round green “Zzz” button in the lower right corner.

We also recommend that you read the following articles for tips on saving battery power:
Keeping track of the battery charge level and its temperature is extremely important, because at the most unnecessary moment, the device can turn off and let the owner down. We hope that our tips have helped you, and now the battery of your Sony Xperia Z1 lasts much longer.

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