What To Do If The Tablet Discharges Quickly

What To Do If The Tablet Discharges Quickly

Owners of tablet computers sometimes face the fact that their gadget quickly loses charge. This can happen with a new device or gadget that has been used for many years. The tips below will help you figure out why the tablet runs out of power quickly and what you can do about it.

Wireless Modules

One of the most common reasons why your tablet runs out of power quickly is when the wireless modules are turned on. It’s no secret that an Internet connection is a strong blow to the autonomy of the gadget. In the case when Wi-Fi, 4G module and Bluetooth are simultaneously included, the device can sit down very quickly. Experienced users have the rule to always keep Bluetooth turned off, and when leaving the apartment, switch from Wi-Fi networks to mobile Internet.

Important! In the case of mobile networks, it is worth knowing that the search for available connection points is a very energy-intensive process, and in case of unstable communication it is recommended to completely refuse to use the Internet. For example, on a trip, when a connection appears and disappears.

Regarding Bluetooth, it should be noted that in modern devices there are different versions of this wireless module. If the instructions for the gadget next to bluetooth say LE, then you can not worry that he will put the battery. The abbreviation stands for Low Energy, that is, low consumption. In this case, the unit is designed for continuous operation, for example, to connect a wireless headset and there will be no serious battery consumption.


A feature of modern mobile technology is multitasking. The processors that are responsible for the operation of tablets and phones are focused on the simultaneous launch of a large number of applications, but it is worth remembering that everything has a price. In this case, several working applications lead to the fact that the battery on the tablet runs out quickly. What to do in this case is quite obvious – force close programs that the user does not currently need.

Screen brightness

Today, the most energy-efficient display matrices are AMOLED from Samsung. They are found in devices of an expensive segment. In more affordable devices, TFT or IPS matrices are installed, which seriously consume energy. More information about the types of matrices can be found in this material.

In the case when the battery on the tablet is quickly discharged, you should abandon the maximum brightness of the display and reduce this parameter to 30-35%. It is enough for comfortable use.

In addition, any device on the Android OS has auto brightness mode and, as practice shows, in modern models of famous manufacturers it works correctly. With the help of a light sensor, the gadget itself understands the conditions of use and makes the screen darker or, conversely, bright.

Useful Tips

The most common reasons why the battery on your tablet runs out quickly are listed above. There are a number of useful tips to help improve its autonomy.

Limit Resource-intensive Applications

Far from always fast discharge is a consequence of the work of numerous applications, sometimes enough for this included antivirus or launch the game. In the first case, it is recommended to turn it off at a time when the user does not use the Internet, because the network is the main source of viruses, and if you just watch a movie from a USB flash drive, it will be very difficult to pick up something. Regarding games, you need to know the measure, because they not only lead to quick discharge, but also generally depress the battery. It is especially painful for a tablet computer to play while charging. At the same time, the device is very hot, which affects the battery life.

Important! Another serious source of battery consumption is the vibration response of the sensor and vibration during a call. If there is no special need for them, then in the settings, any vibration should be turned off.

Many manufacturers in their native settings offer customers to take advantage of live wallpaper, i.e. animated images. It should be understood that they and the economical consumption of the battery are concepts that are far from each other.

Background Process Control

The Android system is very smart, and one of its chips is the automatic synchronization of applications. This happens in the background when the device is in standby mode. It happens that the user left the tablet overnight without a power connection, and in the morning found that it was dead. In this case, it is recommended to look at the application settings and disable synchronization where it is not needed, and besides, you should not leave the device connected to wireless networks at night if the device does not charge at the same time.

Power adapter selection

Sometimes the reason that the tablet does not hold a charge is in the connected power supply. If he too powerful for a gadget, the device charges quickly, but also quickly sits down. The second side of the coin is block too weak. In this case, the device, on the contrary, is slowly charging, and the battery may gain an incomplete charge. Using the wrong adapter may cause the gadget to not charge at all.

Device storage

Useful advice that may seem counterintuitive – do not store the device off. As practice shows, the gadget in sleep mode will lose less charge in the same amount of time than completely turned off. It happens that the user bought a new tablet, and the old one simply turned off and hid it in a box. After a while, you may find that the battery is unusable. The best solution is to periodically charge it or even pull out the battery, if this is provided by the design of the device.

Important! To prevent the battery from draining quickly, it is not recommended to leave the device near heat sources or in the sun. This adversely affects battery capacity.

Battery Terms

Several years ago, there was a theory that for the battery to work properly, it is necessary to charge and discharge it several times immediately after purchase, since the battery has a memory effect. The second interesting myth is that the battery is recommended to be charged at 100%. Asus has refuted these points, and as recommendations for its technology, it indicates that it is optimal to keep the battery between 20 and 90% of capacity. That is, you should not bring the gadget to a zero state, nor should you charge it 100%.

Today you can notice that the equipment of some manufacturers (including Asus) when charging 90% changes the color of the LED, which symbolizes a full charge, and sometimes forcibly stops further charging, although the device still remains connected to power. This is done in order to show the owner that the gadget is ready for use, and further charging will be have a negative effect.


It should be understood that the reason for the quick discharge of the device may be that the battery is basically out of order. If the gadget is more than two years old, then most likely the battery has become unusable, because its service life is exactly two years. Swollen battery – This is another sign of physical malfunction.