What To Do If Wi-Fi Does Not Work Well On Iphone 6

What To Do If Wi-Fi Does Not Work Well On Iphone 6

Problems are found on some iPhone models. However, it is noted that it is the owners of the iPhone 6 more often than others complain that their device does not catch Wi-Fi well.

We list the main symptoms of problems in the iPhone with Wi-fi. Is that familiar?

  • The gadget catches the network only at a short distance;
  • iPhone does not catch the network (does not see it at all);
  • The Internet is constantly interrupted.

In this article we will consider all possible ways to solve the problem at home, from the simplest to the more sophisticated and complex.

What to do if iPhone doesn’t catch the network? The way to solve the problem in the following video:

Solve the problem yourself

Before "picking" an iPhone, for a start it is better to check for malfunctions in the router itself. It is easy to do. Check how other devices work when connected to a Wi-Fi network. If the Internet speed is stable and good, then the problem is not with the router, but with your iPhone.

What to do? What measures should be taken if the iPhone 6 or iPad doesn’t catch Wi-Fi and stubbornly refuses to see the network?

Draw your attention to! If iPad cannot connect to the network or does not see it, the ways to solve the problem are the same as with iOS smartphones.

Forcing a phone reboot

Better to start with the most likely way. rebooting the phone. It instantly flushes some minor iOS software bugs. To restart the iPhone 6/6 s plus, you need to hold only two buttons: “Power” and “Home” (for iPhone 7 / 7s plus. the volume down button).

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A more complicated procedure for the iPhone X (but similar to rebooting the 8th iPhone). You must alternately press and immediately release the volume up / down buttons. Then, on the other hand, hold and hold the "Power" until the Apple logo appears.


Sometimes you just need to reconnect to the network. To do this, in the "Settings". "Wi-Fi" forget the network and reconnect to it.

Do not forget to check if you wrote the security key correctly!

Reset Network Settings

Instructions on the procedure for resetting settings: go to the menu "Settings" → "General" → "Reset" and click on the button "Reset Network Settings".

It is not recommended to reset to factory settings. If necessary, save important information, for example, upload it to the cloud.

Custom ways

  1. You can try connecting to a faster DNS server. In the Wi-Fi settings from the right edge of the screen you need to click on the letter “i” and select Google or OpenDNS from the specified ones.
  1. You can switch to another broadcast channel. This helps in apartment buildings when many networks are connected to one channel. To do this, you really have to go to the router interface and change the channel yourself.
What To Do If Wi-Fi Does Not Work Well On Iphone 6
  1. Installing a security key to your Wi-Fi network will also help. If the network is not password-protected, that is open, unauthorized users, for example, neighbors, can connect to it, which threatens with connection problems and a decrease in data transfer speed.


Updating iPhone firmware to the latest version is one of the options for self-solving the problem.

What to do if the problem is in the router?

If after checking the connection of other devices it turned out that the router was to blame, the following options can help:

  1. Sometimes resets iPhone rescue.
  2. Reset the router using the “RESET” button. However, if you cannot reconfigure the device, it is better to contact the wizard.
  3. Go to the router interface and change the “Russia” region to “America”.
  4. Sometimes it helps to change WPA2 / WPA to WEP. Of course, this is an old and unreliable encryption method, but in some cases it helps to reconnect to the Wi-Fi network.

When do I need specialist help?

Among the possible reasons that the iPhone of any model does not connect to the Wi-Fi network are the following:

  • IPhon fell before crashing, crashed, water got into it.
  • Some Apple users of different models complain about the marriage of a new purchased phone. This, of course, rarely happens.
  • IPhone parts and modules can easily be damaged if the device is not carefully dismantled. This became especially noticeable after the release of iPhone 5 / 5s plus models.

There is no way to cope on their own. It is better to take the phone for repair to a service center.

So, we talked about the simplest and most affordable ways that can solve the problem with connecting iPhone 6 to the Wi-Fi network. If you notice a mistake, or know about other solutions, write, do not be shy!

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