What To Do If You Forgot Your Iphone 5s Password

What To Do If You Forgot Your Iphone 5s Password

What am I supposed to do? I do everything according to the instructions. Please help, on the iPhone 5S I set a password and forgot. What to do if a message about blocking a device is received. Listen, everything turns out, you guys really want to, I didn’t know what to do, I will never set a password again. If you did synchronization through iCloud then you can restore the data.

First, make sure that your iPhone or iPad is indeed locked, and you cannot unlock it yourself. My phone was blocked, I remember the password, but it’s too late. He asked for a password. I made a second function that you wrote, and after a while, the password prompt pops up again. Do I have to do this function again?

In the modern world of information technology, we are not only surrounded by new products, but also encrypted data. Passwords are everywhere: on e-mail, computer, laptop, and, of course, phone. How to unlock an iPhone yourself without contacting a service center? Since iPhone 4 is different from 5, then the operation to restore access to them must be carried out in different ways.

JavaScript is disabled in your browser. To begin with, let’s talk about how to prevent malicious users from accessing your Apple ID, because it is thanks to this access that you can remotely lock your device.

What to do if I forgot the password for the iPhone 5s?

These addresses are easily accessible to scammers, we talked about this in a separate article. Tip two – change your Apple ID password to a more complex one. To do this, log in with your Apple ID and password to the Find iPhone app on iCloud.com or on another iPhone / iPad.

What To Do If You Forgot Your Iphone 5s Password

If bad people approached the matter seriously and changed your password to their own – do not rush to give your money to unlock the device. But all sorts of things happen – and if technical support does not help, the attackers still have to give the money to unlock your device. As you can see, options for solving the problem without financial loss are quite possible – and do not panic and immediately pay the required amount to scammers.

What to do if iPhone 5 is locked?

Connect to iTunes. ” You can reset the password code by restoring the device. When you connect a device, you may receive the following error message: “iTunes could not connect to [device] because the device is password protected. You must enter the password code on [device] before the device can be used with iTunes. " You can enable this option in the Settings menu. > The main > Password protection.