What To Do, Iphone 4 Does Not Turn On

What To Do, Iphone 4 Does Not Turn On

The first part of the article summarizes the possible software and hardware causes of the breakdown. The second part of the article more specifically describes all the common reasons why the device does not work.

Following the tips and instructions that are outlined in this article, you can find out why iPhone 4 does not work and does not turn on. Also, following all the instructions, you can quickly fix the problem.

Reasons and Solutions

Damage to Apple products is extremely rare. Often, these gadgets have a solid body, shockproof components and high-quality software.

According to statistics, only 3% of all iPhones undergo warranty repair. However, sometimes the gadget and its functions fail due to mechanical (hardware) or software damage.


In some cases, software malfunctions cause hardware failures. For example, as a result of an incorrect update, the memory chip of all personal data or the memory chip of the GSM module often fails. Your phone may be susceptible to viruses and other spyware.

To avoid this situation, follow these steps:

  1. Use only high-quality anti-virus software;
  2. regularly install all the necessary updates;
  3. Do not click on unfamiliar links;
  4. Do not open suspicious spam emails;
  5. Do not give anyone passwords from accounts that are synchronized with the device.


Smartphone hardware failures in most cases require professional repair. Until the warranty has expired, each gadget owner can get professional maintenance and repair for free.

However, when the warranty period comes to an end, you need to look for a paid service center. Repair of Apple equipment in service centers is quite expensive. In some cases of hardware malfunctions, the user can fix the problem by following the short instructions. Most often, on smartphones, a motherboard breaks down, which connects all the main mechanical components of the device.

Damage to the motherboard automatically disables the processor and memory modules. Also, the iPhone may not turn on after water has entered.

Battery wear is perhaps the most common malfunction of Apple smartphones. The plus is that the user himself can fix the problem by replacing the battery. It should be remembered that you need to buy exclusively original battery models.

Another very frequent mechanical failure is damage to the screen of the smartphone. It is solved by a complete replacement of the screen. If the sensor was damaged during a screen breakdown (incorrect operation or an absolute malfunction), you should purchase and install a new one.

Power controller

IPhone power controller – a chip that performs an energy-saving function and is fully responsible for the charge of the device. Very often you may encounter the fact that you cannot turn on the gadget, while the power controller is very hotI am.

To fix the problem, you need to contact the service center, or try to solve the problem yourself (in case you have the skills to work with the hardware of smartphones).

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First you need to remove the back cover of the device, follow the instructions:

  1. turn off the phone;
  2. gently unscrew the screws at the bottom of the device, as shown in the figure;
  3. slide the cover up with two fingers.

When the cover is removed, the battery connector should be removed and the power controller re-soldered. In most cases, the problem disappears, the iPhone works again and charges normally.

If this solution does not help and the smartphone continues to heat up very much and does not turn on, I should completely replace the power controller.

Water ingress

The standard and familiar problem of the malfunction of any gadget is water ingress. After the water phone does not turn on.

You can fix the problem in the most effective and proven way – cleaning all components:

  1. disassemble the device;
  2. then you need to clean the motherboard. Cleaning is carried out manually with a small brush. Special cleaning agents are used in order to completely remove plaque from water;
  3. then you need to clean all the parts in an ultrasonic bath;
  4. carry out drying;
  5. repeat manual cleaning again;
  6. then it is necessary to gradually and extremely carefully restore the soldering of all elements;
  7. collect all the details of the smartphone;

Only this method will help save the device from moisture.

On the Internet you can find other tips on how to dry a damaged device:

  1. put the phone in a container of rice. In fact, this method is extremely inefficient. Of course, rice has an absorbent property and is able to absorb moisture, but smartphone components will still need to be cleaned from plaque and replaced connectors;
  2. blow dryer. This can never be done! A strong stream of hot air will break all contacts.

Important! Remember, if you do not fix the problem of water entering the device in time, the connectors may start to oxidize and rot. In this case, you need to remove them and replace them with new ones, because it is impossible to restore them.

Voltage drops

What to do in a situation when your iPhone 4 goes out and does not turn on? The cause of this problem can be constant voltage drops, which lead to the burning of the motherboard and aging of the battery.

To prevent power surges and start the phone, follow these steps:

  1. Always charge your phone to 100%. Frequent and short-term recharges quickly destroy the battery;
  2. Use only the original charger. When operating a non-original charger, an iPhone can simply burn out;
  3. if the motherboard burns out, you need to replace it with a new one.

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The battery is old

Each battery has its own expiration date. Subject to careful handling, it can last up to 2 years. If your phone has been running out of power very quickly lately, and now it doesn’t turn on even in mains power mode, this is the first sign that the problem is with the old battery.

The only way to revive the gadget is to change the battery. If even after replacing the battery, the iPhone 4 does not turn on or runs out quickly, disassemble the phone and look at the board, it may be moving away or shorting an important contact.

iPhone does not turn on

iPhone may not turn on due to a number of such standard reasons: the charger connector has broken, due to car charging, after flashing, drop in height or display replacement.

What To Do, Iphone 4 Does Not Turn On

Due to a broken charging connector

If the machine is cut down and does not charge, the power connector may be broken or damaged. The problem is solved by replacing the charging loop. In the iPhone 4 series of smartphones, the charging and microphone connectors are connected, so when replacing the power connector, you must also change the microphone connector.

After car charge

It is very important to properly charge iPhone 4 in the car. One elementary rule should be followed: the output voltage should be no more than 2A. Otherwise, the phone burns out and you need to change the battery or even the power controller. The power circuit may also burn out.

After flashing

In most cases, the iPhone 4 stops turning on after the update. The fact is that some software updates or flashing the operating system may not be compatible with the hardware components of your smartphone.

Due to flashing the OS, the system, in many cases, fails and it becomes impossible to turn it on. In this case, you should try to flash the phone again with another version of the operating system.

After falling from a height

If your iPhone has fallen from a height onto a hard surface and has stopped working, perhaps the reason is that one of the cables has left.

To fix the problem, follow the instructions below:

  1. remove the back cover;
  2. carefully unscrew all screws of the protective screen;
  3. Check if all loops are connected correctly. (The blue color in the picture indicates the display cable, and green – the touchscreen);
  4. Check the board contacts.

After replacing the display

To solve the problem of an inoperative iPhone after replacing the display, first of all, as in the previous paragraph, you should check the display loop for incorrect location.

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If everything is OK with the loop, set the previous display. The old display may be broken, but if the image appears when you turn it on, then the problem is the new display. Most likely he is defective.

IPhone 4 does not turn on

If an apple burns on iPhone4, but the phone itself does not work, you need to perform the following actions:

    restart the smartphone (simultaneously press and hold the Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds);

The article discusses all the main causes of the iPhone 4 smartphone malfunction. Follow the instructions to resolve the problem. If the solution does not help you, contact a specialized service center for professional help.