Where Is The Iphone Backup

Where Is The Iphone Backup

Each time you synchronize your iPhone with iTunes, you automatically create a backup copy of the device from which you can subsequently recover lost information. However, it is not uncommon for backups to be deleted, for example, after reinstalling Windows. In order not to lose the data collected over a long time, you must be able to copy backup files to removable media or to the cloud service.

ITunes backs up a lot of data, from the contact list to the Safari browser bookmarks. Nobody wants to lose such important data, so now we’ll see where to find backup files on various operating systems.

Where is iPhone backup stored on Mac OS X

To locate and copy backup files of your devices on Mac OS X go to

Where is iPhone backup stored in Windows XP

To find and copy the backup files of your devices in Windows XP, go to \ Documents and Settings \ (username) \ Application Data \ Apple Computer \ MobileSync \ Backup \

Where is iPhone backup stored in Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

To find and copy the backup files of your devices in Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10, go to the \ Users \ (username) \ AppData \ Roaming \ Apple Computer \ MobileSync \ Backup \ folder

Note: if the folder does not appear, go to Control PanelFolders settingsView and activate the parameter Show hidden files, folders and drives. For Windows 7 and Windows 8, for convenience, the Control Panel needs to be converted to the classic view by clicking ViewSmall icons. In Windows 10, access to folder options is most easily obtained by searching the system with the query “Change search options for files and folders".

How to quickly detect iPhone backup files in Windows 7/8/10

Step 1. Go to the search bar. In Windows 7: click on the "Start" menu; in Windows 8: click on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner; on Windows 10: click on the search bar next to the Start menu

Step 2. Enter the following command in the search bar:

Step 3. Press the "Enter"

Step 4. From the folder that opens, go to the directory Apple computer Mobilesync Backup

Remember that only one backup is available for each device and if you try to create another one, it will replace the previous one. All data will, of course, be lost. Try not to lose your backup files by copying them when reinstalling the operating system to removable media or a cloud service, such as Dropbox.

If the backup was made by you on the old version of iOS, then transferring data to a device running new versions of the Apple mobile operating system will fail. However, there is a simple solution to this problem – iBackup Viewer allows you to manage old backups, as well as retrieve or view all stored data.

You can view information about backups directly from iTunes, to do this, go to Edit Settings Devices. Here you can see the date of the last synchronization, prohibit automatic synchronization and delete existing backups.

We already wrote about how to work with backup copies of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch on the site in this article.

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