Which TV is Better than Sony Or Lg

Which TV is Better than Sony Or Lg

About Sony

Which is better. LG or Sony TV? We will reveal the basic features of each of the manufacturers.

Sony’s TV assembly is always on top. Quality refers to the technology of all price segments. budget, medium or expensive. Sony buyer gets a device with a solid build. The range of Smart TV from Sony leaves much to be desired. However, all models have well-thought-out functionality. On the one hand, it is more convenient for the consumer. You do not need to choose among dozens of models with almost the same functions.

If you are a connoisseur of solid technology, pay attention to Sonya. The cost of devices of this company is 20%.30% higher than that of competitors. Although this does not prevent Sony from leading the market.

Sony TV Pros:

  • Backlight In this parameter, the manufacturer is considered the best. Sony create a realistic color scheme. This can be achieved using special small semiconductors. The rights to implement this technology have acquired all major brands;
  • OS Android TV. Sony developers regularly improve the software "stuffing" of their technology. This means that the use of the gadget is becoming interactive. Synchronize your smartphone with TV, get Android updates and more;
  • Display. Sony’s manufacturer managed to achieve a realistic transfer of movements on the screen. Anti-glare coating allows you to make the image even better;
  • Strict design that is suitable for any interior. Most Sony TV models are made in classic black. The legs of the device can be moved across its entire width. They allow you to put the gadget on any surface.
  • The price is higher than that of competitors;
  • Many models come with an LCD.. Today this technology is already considered obsolete and OLED, QLED displays are replacing it.

About LG Technology

Pros of TVs from LG:

  • Display. OLED technology allows LG TV displays to display realistic images. There are models with screens so light that they can only be hung on the wall with magnetic tape. The technology developed at LG is used by the Sony brand;
  • Price. The cost of top models is lower than that of competitors;
  • WebOS operating system with thoughtful functionality;
  • Image contrast. Lji managed to achieve deeper shades of black;
  • Viewing angles. If you compare which is better. a Sony TV or LG, then LG undoubtedly wins in the viewing angles.
  • Among the minuses, experts highlight the unsuccessful placement of navigation keys on the remote. However, this drawback is negligible. Today, you can control the TV using a smartphone;

How to choose your perfect TV

These options will help you know which TV is better:

Look at the number of ports on the case. They are needed to connect flash drives, additional screens, navigation aids, speakers and other gadgets.

Pay attention to other functions that you will need. This includes built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, voice control, a smart home system. Smart Home is a feature that combines all the smart gadgets of your home. It allows you to split the TV screen and simultaneously watch movies, chat with friends, manage other gadgets and more.

Brand Comparison

There is no definite answer which is better. Sony or Lji TVs.

Connoisseurs of robust build and software will not be mistaken if they choose Sony. The number of calls to service centers among Sony TV buyers is minimal.

When choosing between Sony or LG, identify the goals that you pursue when buying a TV. Learn more about the video reviews of your favorite gadgets. This will help determine the real strengths and weaknesses.