Why Does The Phone Charge Only When It Is Turned Off? Causes And Solutions

Why Does The Phone Charge Only When It Is Turned Off? Causes And Solutions

There are various reasons due to which the phone is charged only when it is turned off. And this is a problem, because a modern gadget requires a large supply of battery, consumes a lot of energy, and sometimes you have to charge it during use, watching a movie, playing a game, etc. It is extremely inconvenient to do this only when it is turned off, because in this way the device is most of the time banally unavailable.

Anyway, this is unusual. charge the phone only when it is turned off. But it is worth noting that for some models of tablets and smartphones this is the norm that is provided for by the developer. Although this is stupid, it is. But most often, if a Meizu phone is charged only when it is turned off (this applies to other brands, but people often use Meizu smartphones on forums), then this is a software or hardware problem. Let’s understand why this happens.

The phone only charges when turned off due to firmware

The very first and most common version. firmware. This is especially common in Chinese smartphones: ZTE, Meizu, Xiaomi, etc. These phones are sold on the basis of the Chinese shell, and there is no native crack for it. Therefore, users often install third-party software. unofficial firmware.

It is logical that such firmware, developed by amateur programmers and installed by the user without such skills, can slow down. Moreover, the problems can be very diverse: a weak range of brightness control, strong heating during passive operation, fast battery discharge, conflict with the charger. It is worth noting that precisely because of poor firmware and software problems, something similar most often happens. It can also be connected with the hardware, but it is extremely rare.

Bad power supply or battery

It is logical to look for the cause in the power supply. it can also become a cause. Checking if the power supply is working properly is easy. To do this, try using it to charge another tablet or smartphone. If everything is successful, then the problem is not in the power supply. You can also try to charge the problem smartphone using a laptop or computer by connecting it via USB. If the charging process is activated when the phone is turned on, then you should look for a problem in the power supply.

There is also another rare reason. weak voltage in the network. If it falls below 220 V, then some phones and tablets may not charge when turned on. Sometimes the power supply is so weak that it just does not have time to resume the charge of the phone when it is working. This applies to third-party universal charges, so the best thing is to charge the phone "relatives" devices.

It is possible that the problem may be in the battery itself. To check it, you need to find the same one and try to charge the phone with it. If it works out, then the problem is clearly in the battery, which means it needs to be changed.

Contact oxidation or contamination

Contacts can also be the reason why the phone is charged only when it is turned off. We recommend running alcohol-laden cotton wool over the contacts on the phone and charger. It may be in them. Unfortunately, this method helps very rarely, but there is always hope.

Why Does The Phone Charge Only When It Is Turned Off? Causes And Solutions

Other problems

Sometimes it’s impossible to figure out why the phone is charging only when it is turned off. Even experts can not always give an answer. Reasons can be anywhere. For example, a microcrack could occur in the power circuit during a fall. Also inside the cable, some kind of microcracking could have occurred. It is impossible to determine all this at home, and sometimes it does not work out even in workshops.

But if you cannot solve the charging problem, then you should not be upset. By itself, it is insignificant. The main thing is that the smartphone works fine and performs its functions. Anyway, most users put their phones on charge only in the evening, when they go to bed themselves. And to charge it during the day there is no special need. So sometimes you just need to come to terms and not pay attention to such trifles.

Which phones are at this risk?

This problem is not uncommon. Many users have such situations. Chinese cheap smartphones more often than others work in this way. However, on the forums you can find reports that Russian Explay phones are charged only in the off state, but this does not apply to the entire line of the manufacturer and not even all models. It just happens, and not only with cheap Chinese state employees, but also with expensive flagships.