Why Does The Phone Charge Only When Turned Off

Why Does The Phone Charge Only When Turned Off

Is your phone charging only when it is turned off? It is logical that this should not be – the battery must be charged in any mode. Why is this happening? The reasons for this behavior are not always clear, but in some cases we can try to deal with the problem on our own.

If the phone does not give in to any impact, you should take it to a service center. But first, let’s try to cope with the task with our own hands. In our review, we will consider several ways to repair and test mobile devices:

  • Check the charger;
  • Let’s try to replace the battery;
  • We will deal with the installed software.

We will leave the trip to the service center as a last resort.

Checking the charger

Why is the phone charging only when it is turned off? The reason for this may be a malfunction of the charger. Therefore, you need to take another memory and check it on your phone. If the charging has nevertheless gone, we dress and go to the nearest communication salon to buy a new charger to replace the failed one.

We recommend that you purchase a charger from your tablet with a large charging current – This will ensure faster charging of the battery. If you tried another charger, but it did not give any results, you can proceed as follows – use further tests or visit a service center.

We select the first option and continue testing – what if we can localize the breakdown on our own? At least save money on repairs.

Battery Check

If the phone is charged only in the off state, we may suspect a battery malfunction. You need to try replacing it – if possible, rent a battery from friends. If this is not possible, you will have to purchase a new battery in the communication room.

We install the battery extracted in one way or another into the phone, connect the charger and check. Does the indicator show a charge? Great – we wait until the end of the procedure and check the discharge rate (just in case). You can throw out the old battery – it cannot be restored.

If the charging process still did not start, then it was not the battery. It remains for us to check the installed applications and perform some other operations.

If you purchased a new battery, but it wasn’t the case, don’t worry – you can use it as a spare. When you are far from the nearest outlet, it will help you make an important call or go online (keep it charged).

Software check

If you have already checked the battery and charger, everything turned out to be intact, but the charge still does not go, you need to check the software installed in the phone. Using drip charging apps? Have Battery Doctor installed to extend battery life? Tear down all this software, perform cleaning using Clean Master or any other “cleaner”, reboot and try to connect the charger.

If it was applications, try using their counterparts. Applications often create conflicts in the system, interfering with the normal charge. Sometimes system damage is so serious that you can’t do it by removing software – you need to make a general reset to the factory settings. If these actions did not help, it remains to contact the service center – it is entirely possible that the problem is a faulty charge control system.

Before performing a general reset, be sure to back up your important data. Otherwise, you may lose valuable files.

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