Why Does The Phone Charge Only When Turned Off

Why Does The Phone Charge Only When Turned Off

Some owners knowingly turn off the phone while charging, believing that this will reduce the waiting time. At the same time, for some users, such an initiative is the only way to charge the battery, since in the on state, the device does not charge. And such a phenomenon is not normal. Why this happens and how to solve such a problem, you will learn from this article.

Why the phone does not charge when turned on

Lack of charging is a consequence of a malfunction, conditionally divided into 3 categories:

Software problems include system crashes, malfunctioning programs, or viruses.

The “electrical” category includes defective accessories – cable and / or charger.

Hardware problems are caused by malfunctions inside the mobile device.

Common problems and solutions

Next, we consider the most common problems that lead to a violation of normal charging. There are also solutions.

Important! To troubleshoot, you must correctly diagnose the cause. If on the eve of the device worked properly, it is worth remembering after what events the problem occurred.

Software issues and solutions

Usually a system change, installation of new modules or flashing lead to a problem. Not debugged work of custom firmware is the result of temporary or permanent failures.

Also, various applications, including optimizers, often impede battery charging. And also viruses associated, for example, with mining, quickly discharging the battery. In this case, the battery discharges at an accelerated pace, and when charging, there is not enough energy to shut off the flow and accumulate charge.

Some Sony smartphones have built-in protection in which the charging process is not activated until the battery temperature returns to normal.

Ways to solve:

  1. Check the OS for viruses.
  2. Remove unnecessary programs, including memory / battery optimizers.
  3. Reset to factory defaults.
  4. Why Does The Phone Charge Only When Turned Off
  5. Change the firmware if the problems started after using custom.
  6. Cool the phone if the battery overheats. Check if protection modes are enabled.

Electrical problems and solutions

The use of high-quality accessories is the key to the normal operation of the battery and power system. In cheap chargers or cables, low efficiency is often observed. Also in low-quality accessories, the current and voltage parameters do not always correspond to those declared by the manufacturer. In total or separately, this leads to a lack of charging.

Ways to solve:

  1. Use a different charger and cable.
  2. Connect a working charger with more power.
  3. If your phone supports wireless or fast charging, use this technology.

Hardware problems and solutions

Faults that fall into this category are difficult or impossible to fix at home. Since to solve the problem, you may need additional equipment to diagnose or replace parts, as well as the components themselves.

More often, the most likely causes of breakdowns are falls, the use of poor quality chargers, moisture or dust. As a result, the soldering of the USB connector or other component disappears, the controller and / or power subsystem burns out.

Ways to solve:

  1. Gently clean the USB port to remove dirt.
  2. Check battery performance. Old or defective batteries do not accept a charge.
  3. Take the device to a service center.


If there is a problem, start by replacing the charger and cable. Then make sure that the system is working properly, as described above. If the problem cannot be solved, then it remains only to go to the service center.