Why Does The Screen Freeze On Iphone 6

Why Does The Screen Freeze On Iphone 6

Each new product suffers from the so-called children’s problems when design defects and other errors are detected.

IPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus is also not exempt from them, customers complain that it freezes, which practically prevents the normal use of the phone.

On the official support forum, there are many entries of angry users, with claims to frequent freezes of purchased smartphones iphone 6 / iphone 6 plus.

In some cases, the phone enters an endless restart cycle, and the owners are forced to carry it to the service for repair.

At the moment, it is not known exactly why iPhone 6 hardware freezes, but forum posts suggest that this problem affects most models with 128 GB of memory.

Some owners with more than 700 applications installed also claim that the phone hangs without any interference from them.

Now iPhones 6 have switched to the new iOS 11 OS, how it will behave, time will tell, and now I will show what to do if your iPhone 6 hangs and does not turn off.

However, the screen freezes and does not respond under different circumstances: on an apple, when updating, after updating, on the aytyuns lace, on the Yandex navigator route, when entering a password, when resetting settings, and so on.

IPhone 6 hangs – restore by program

If your iPhone 6 hangs, then a special program will help you quickly restore performance –

Moreover, you will have the opportunity to correct a lot of errors so that the situation does not happen again.

For each case of freezing, there are ready-made corrections, and the interface is so simple that it is simply impossible to get confused

Give it a try. The program is time-tested and works on all iOS, even on the very last eleventh.

The screen hangs in iPhone 6 and does not turn off – how to reboot

You cannot turn off iPhone 6 by pulling out the battery. What to do then? There is a decision to save the situation.

Hold down the HOME button for about 6 seconds and wait for all applications to disappear.

Often users complain about the slowdown of system performance and operations on the iphone 6, up to a hang, despite the fact that all applications are turned off.

Unfortunately, this method is not always effective, as the apple sometimes hangs dead and does not respond to anything.

Then the only option is to turn off forcibly or wait for the battery to discharge, which I’m sure you do not want.

How to force restart iphone 6 if it freezes

If the above methods do not work, a solution to this situation may be to implement what is called hard shutdown. Do not abuse this method and use it only in emergency situations.

Decision. This operation, depending on the device used, requires pressing and holding a maximum of two buttons.

On iPhone 6 and earlier: Hold down the HOME POWER buttons for 15 seconds and hold them until the Apple logo appears.

You can use the same operation in all other cases when your iPhone 6 hangs. If such a situation occurs constantly (freezes) and even then you probably can’t do without going to the service. Successes.

In mid-December, a Reddit user under the nickname TeckFire noticed: when the battery wear on his iPhone 6s reached 20%, the smartphone began to work much more slowly. Then, few people took the news seriously – you never know what the geek “thought” … But on December 21, 2017 Apple sent TechCrunch, a well-known IT resource … a letter acknowledging that it specifically makes the 2012-2016 iPhone slower!

Why are old iPhones starting to slow down?

Apple writes that it is forced to artificially lower the clock speed of the chips on older devices like the iPhone 5s, 6, 6s and 7. Why? The fact is that due to the increased load, the processors of these smartphones periodically reach maximum power and consume too much energy. This leads to a spontaneous shutdown of the device and other problems with the gadget. If you leave everything as it is, they say in Apple, such an iPhone will work less, and the battery replacement time will be faster:

“Our task is to offer users the best conditions, which includes overall performance and extending the operating time of their devices. Lithium-ion batteries cope worse with peak loads in the cold season, at low charge levels or due to natural wear, which, in turn, leads to a forced shutdown of the device in order to protect electronic components.

Last year, we released for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE the function of smoothing sudden exits to peak power – exclusively for those cases when it is necessary to protect the device from unexpected power outages under the conditions described above. We have now added this feature to the iPhone 7 running iOS 11.2, and in the future we plan to add support for other products as well. ”

The feature Apple writes about was added in iOS version 10.2.1. Then iPhone 6s users began to massively complain about spontaneous shutdowns of their devices, and Cupertino engineers found only two solutions: depending on the request for energy consumption, either limit the energy consumption by the chip, or split the request into several cycles.

What needs to be done to avoid throttling from Apple? Just replace the battery! The user @sam_siruomu on his Twitter page reports that: the processor of his new iPhone 6 3 years ago worked with a clock frequency of 1400 MHz, while now the heart of the smartphone gives out only 600 MHz. Replacing the battery restored the processor clock speed to the previous level, and now the old iPhone 6 is much faster even on the latest versions of iOS.

So it’s true Apple intentionally slow down old iPhones. Proof: My iPhone 6 was bought 3years ago and recently got really slow. APP ‘CPU DasherX’ shows iPhone CPU is under clocked running at 600MHz. After a iPhone battery replacement. CPU speed resumed to factory setting 1400MHz. pic.twitter.com/pML3y0Jkp2

  • The system slows down!
  • My iPhone has turned into a snail.
  • It’s impossible to work with iOS 10!
  • Everything is buggy and slows down, rolls back!
  • Apple No.%"No.% !!

Do not rush to conclusions. Your iPhone can work much better than it did with iOS 10 on board. Faster, smoother, more productive. Just listen to the following tips:

1. Installed? Wait a couple of hours

Immediately after installing iOS 10, the device is very hot, the interface is being drawn with obvious delays, bugs and slowdowns are everywhere. Calm No matter how strange it sounds, it should be so.

A newly installed OS needs time to create a photo cache, Spotlight search, and optimize applications. And this process can take from a couple of minutes to several hours. It all depends solely on how much information is stored on your iOS device.

How to speed up: After installing iOS 10, connect the device to the charger and leave it alone for several hours. It is best to leave this process overnight. In the morning you will find that your iPhone just began to fly, and there will be no trace of glitches and bugs.

2. Turn on “Motion Reduction”

The parallax effect and beautiful animation that accompanies the icons on the desktop when you look at the screen from different angles, tilting the device. All this affects the performance of not the most "fresh" iOS devices.

How to speed up: Open up Settings> The main ones.> Universal access.> Motion reduction and turn on the corresponding slider opposite the item Motion reduction

3. Turn off visual effects and transparency

Another decoration of the system. transparency, also negatively affects the performance of the gadget with iOS 10 on board. Windows, icons and menu items look beautiful, but you can live without this beauty, preferring speed of work.

How to speed up: Open up Settings> The main ones.> Universal access.> Contrast increase and boldly turn on two sliders opposite the items Contrast reduction and Dimming colors

4. Disable Content Update

Even when your iPhone rests peacefully in your trouser pocket or bag, installed applications continue to interact actively with your Internet connection. Data is updated, additional information is loaded and the smartphone is in a constantly loaded state.

How to speed up: Open up Settings> The main ones.> Content Update and turn off the slider opposite the item Content Update

5. Free up memory

iOS 10 (and any OS) can’t work stably and quickly if there are only a few megabytes of free space on your device.

How to speed up: Delete photos, videos, a couple of boring applications or games, do not forget to empty the folder Recently deleted from application Photo Do everything possible so that at least 1 GB of memory is free on your iOS device.

6. Express acceleration

There is an option that will speed up the smartphone in just a few seconds. We wrote about this method in detail, but just in case, we will repeat it.

How to speed up: Unlock the device. Press the Power key and hold until the shutdown menu appears (slider with the inscription Switch off ) Press the Home key and release Power. Hold Home until the desktop opens again. Boost successfully activated.

The screen does not respond to your taps, the touchscreen dulls and freezes: remember, has the phone crashed lately? This may be the reason for the poorly functioning sensor on the iPhone 6, 6s.

In addition to falling on the performance of the touchscreen affects:

  • screen replacement;
  • software update;
  • moisture entering the device;
  • screen pollution.

Experts believe that it is worth contacting a service center if:

  • the sensor responds, but with a delay;
  • “Reaction” of the phone is absent in some places on the screen;
  • the touchscreen does not work at all;
  • the device lives its own life: it independently opens and closes applications, types text, turns off.

Important! If the gadget does not fully respond to touch, then there is a chance of a motherboard breakdown. It is urgent to contact specialists.

What can not be done and how to solve the problem yourself

In order to save money, advanced users want to fix gadget problems on their own. Trying to "reanimate" the touchscreen, you can not follow the "harmful" tips:

  • blow dry an iPhone if dropped into water;
  • glue or replace the screen without assistance if it has come off;
  • disassemble and assemble the “mobile phone";

This will increase the cost of repairs, but will not save the situation.

3 ways that you can take without being an expert in the field of electrical repairs:

Why Does The Screen Freeze On Iphone 6
  • perform a complete reboot of the device (hold down 2 buttons simultaneously for 20 seconds: turn on and “home”);
  • remove the protective glass or film. They may be the reason that the sensor does not work on the iPhone 6, 6s plus;
  • Wipe the display from dust and dirt.

Important! Do not try to replace the screen on your iPhone yourself, because damaging important parts, repairs will cost more. Only an experienced craftsman can do this work. Our service center offers Reasonable prices in St. Petersburg for the replacement of glass iPhone 6.

Qualified assistance

Could not "reanimate" the sensor? Call a professional for help with a free telephone consultation. If the breakdown is not serious, the wizard will help to return the device to working remotely.

In the event of a serious problem, the SC will conduct a phone diagnosis to understand the cause of the breakdown and replace a failed part.

Repair of iPhone 6, 6s in St. Petersburg is done with a guarantee. Only original spare parts and professional equipment are used in the work.

The specialists of our service center are always ready to quickly and efficiently replace the screen unit on iPhone 6 at affordable prices in St. Petersburg, as well as conduct free diagnostics of other problems.

Many users complain that their iPhone / iPad began to slow down. Moreover, complaints are most often justified and associated with various factors. I’ll try to update the information.

But for starters, an interesting fact.

Did you know that the surge in queries “iPhone slows down” or “iPad slows down” in search engines falls on the period just before the release of a new device (that is, July-October)? In the rest of the year, such requests are noticeably less. There are several versions of this phenomenon:

  • psychological. Users learn about the release of the new iPhone and they begin to think that the phone is really slowing down.
  • beta versions. Before the release of the new iPhone, Apple is actively testing the new version of iOS. And of course, not all bugs are caught and it is the beta versions of iOS that slow down. Well, testers (and now with the advent of public beta versions, anyone can be a tester) start writing. Although it’s obvious that some iPhone 5S will run slower on iOS 10 than on the original iOS 7!
  • conspiracy theory. There is a popular version that Apple deliberately slows down devices before presentation. Each new version of iOS specifically slows down old devices.
  • the most likely and logical reason. In the year after the release of the new version of iOS, the system is gradually cluttered up and begins to slowly blunt.

Why it slows down the iPhone. I explain on the fingers

When buying an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, it is understood that out of the box, iDevice (and any gadget) will work perfectly. This is actually what happens in the vast majority of cases. Apple constantly boasts of satisfaction ratings from their purchases.

Over time, the following things happen with iDevices. The user downloads applications from the App Store (well, how without them ?!), deletes them, periodically puts system updates, once a year, globally updates to a new version of iOS, takes pictures, etc. Someone jailbreak and then pamper themselves with tweaks. All this is slowly, imperceptibly affecting the system.

Moreover, the older the device, the more it slows down on the new version of the system. Take the popular iPhone 4S and 5S. After the release of iOS 7, everyone was happy. I remember that at that time the iPhone 4S was working fine, the iPhone 5S just flew. The release of iOS 8 with widgets and other goodies was accompanied by a tantrum of the owners of the iPhone 4S. the phone began to slow down. Owners of the iPhone 5S quietly enjoyed life. one version cannot "kill" productivity. IOS 9 is coming out. IPhone 4S owners are starting to get rid of the phone, the first cries of 5S owners are heard. With iOS 10, there is a hype that 5S is no longer a cake … So in 3 years, the coolest phone of 2013 turned into a “brake" …

Slows down the iPhone. What to do?

I’ll start with the most effective and radical methods.

Golden Rule: If the system is on the device frankly slows down, the best thing you can do. this will bring the gadget to factory settings. There are two ways.

a) Reset settings. Settings->Basic>Reset

Here you can first try Reset Network Settings. If it doesn’t help, then Reset All Settings

b) A complete flashing of the device. Practice has shown that the best way. If he doesn’t help, then nothing will help …

A system with all these updates accumulates garbage. Despite the fact that some people sometimes claim to be flashing. this is a waste of time, it has already been tested in practice more than once (including personally): flashing from scratch to the latest iOS improves the health of iDevice.

IPhone and iPad firmware (firmware links). Important! After flashing on iOS 10 and rolling the backup, wait a few hours! It is best to put the device on charge at night, in the morning you will not recognize your system.

In both methods, do not forget to backup!

but) Do not laugh, but this is a banal reboot. Press HomePower and hold for a few seconds. iPhone / iPad turns off. Then turn it on. Saves only from some local failures.

b) Disable the parallax effect and animation. I turn off even on powerful devices and it feels like the system works a little faster.

Settings->Basic>Universal access->Motion reduction Turn on the switch.

But I would have added advice in 2017: try to turn on “Reduce movement” and turn it off and compare the difference. For example, iPhone 6 Plus on iOS 10.3 beta 7 with animation turned on worked faster. On iPhone 5S, motion reduction must definitely be turned on!

at) Close all applications through multitasking (quickly press the Home button twice, then swipe up to get rid of open applications). He knew people who didn’t close them for six months and sincerely were surprised when they found out that applications can be closed. Maybe you are one of them? I read the opinion that applications in iOS 10 can not be closed and the system works this way almost better. You can trust this opinion, but you can check and close. it definitely won’t be worse, but it can become better!

d) Turn off automatic application updates. Settings->iTunes Store and App Store Turn off automatic downloads. A trifle, but it will add a little performance. Update applications manually.

This also includes background content updates. In my opinion, this is superfluous if you have no clear idea why you need it. Settings->Basic>Content update.