Why Doesn’T The Iphone 6s Plus Turn On, Charge / Discharge Quickly?

Why DoesnT The Iphone 6s Plus Turn On, Charge / Discharge Quickly?

In continuation of the topic, 3 frequent iPhone 6s plus failures, their repair and reasons, we will consider 3 more frequent problems with the latest iPhones that concern turning on / off and charging the iPhone 6c.

Why is iPhone 6s Plus running low?

It so happens that the iPhone 6s plus, hanging on the charging cord, the prescribed time does not please the owners with a full working day, announced by the manufacturers. You can’t write off the quick discharge of the iPhone 6s plus for battery wear, since the power supply is still completely new. If you run out of time quite a bit, eliminating unused applications and screen animations can help. But if your new iPhone 6c discharges in a matter of hours, then the problem is the breakdown of the power chip that was hidden on the motherboard and this can only be fixed by disassembling the device and having experience soldering the chips.

Because of what, the iPhone 6c plus does not want to charge?

You connect the gadget to the charger, wait 5 minutes, but it does not see the charging unit at all! Because of what happens:

  • the apple charger cable is bent, or has been eaten by pets;
  • burned out apple charger;
  • iPhone 6s charging socket is clogged;
  • contacts in the iPhone 6s plus charging slot are oxidized;
  • the hole for the charge is damaged, after using auto-charge;
  • Something inside the apple gadget has broken (power chip, controller, or the battery cable has disconnected).

If the matter is charging, the device will charge perfectly from the new original charge, but when the problem is in it, it’s better to give the gadget to specialists even to clean the charging slot. As practice shows, the price of the initial repair of the iPhone 6s (immediately after the breakdown) is much lower than after trying to repair the iPhone 6s plus yourself.

IPhone 6s plus does not turn on at all, what should I do?

If the apple gadget does not give any signals of its existence, and you are sure that it is charged, then the easiest way to make the iPhone turn on is to bring it to the APPLE SC. The causes of failure can be:

  • Connected aftermarket charging
  • Used a car charger
  • The iPhone has simply run out and your charge is malfunctioning.
  • Slightly disconnected screen cable or battery from a fall / shock
  • Malfunction of a power microchip, power controller, or something more expensive

Attention! Do not try to turn on the iPhone 6s plus or another gadget after getting in the shower, swimming in the pool or pouring morning coffee! Immediately turn off the iPhone and carry in the SC. The faster they get help after getting wet, the lower the cost of repairing an iPhone 6s is higher than the chances of a full recovery after water.