Why Iphone Does Not Catch The Network The Main Reasons

Why Iphone Does Not Catch The Network The Main Reasons

If the iPhone does not catch the network, you should not immediately panic and look for a suitable service center. Perhaps the problem is not worth the “eaten egg”. What can cause the loss of GSM-signal on the "apple device"?

To be “on hand” with an iPhone, which does not catch the network, on any trip or business trip. the situation is not pleasant. The boss will be annoyed that his employee is unavailable and did not submit a timely report, relatives will be tormented by anxiety, potential customers will get off the hook. Even calling for help or a taxi should something happen to the car be impossible. It should be recognized that modern man is heavily dependent on a GSM signal.

Fortunately, in most situations, you can solve the weak network problem on the iPhone yourself and quite quickly. In the article, we will talk about the common reasons why the "apple" gadget does not catch the network well, and about ways to correct the situation.

The time is set incorrectly

First, what you need to check on an iPhone that does not catch a GSM signal. date / time settings. If the settings are incorrect, set the correct ones. manually. This is done as follows:

Step 1. Follow the path "Settings"-"The main"-"date and time".

Step 2. Find out the exact time in your time zone. For this, you can use, for example, the Yandex. Time".

Step 3. Scrolling the reels, set the correct date, hour and minute.

Step 4. Restart the iPhone and check the network.

If you have Wi-Fi access, you can avoid manually setting the time. In the subsection "Date and time" there is a slider "Automatic". After its activation, the iPhone independently determines the time in the set time zone. but only if the gadget is connected to the Internet.

Your humble servant prefers not to use the automatic time adjustment, because his iPhone "counts" an hour more than expected.

Problems with the settings of the mobile operator

If the time is set correctly, but the iPhone still does not catch the network, you may suspect that the settings of the mobile operator are lost. A set of such measures will help to solve this problem (each subsequent step should be performed only if the previous one did not give a result):

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Step 1. Turn airplane mode on and off. The corresponding slider is at the very beginning of the “Settings".

Step 2. AT "Settings"Go to the"Operator"And deactivate the toggle switch"Automatically".

Step 3. Check if the cellular data settings (APN, username, password) are correctly driven. Follow the path "Settings"-"cellular"-"Cellular data network". In the block "Cell data»And there are necessary details.

You will find the correct parameters for the 3 leading operators in our article on how to set up the Internet on the iPhone. In case of inconsistency, manually change the settings for the cellular data on the "apple" gadget. After changing the settings, do not forget to restart the device.

Weak GSM signal

If the reason for the weak signal is that the user’s location is not included in the GSM coverage area, you cannot fix the problem yourself. Have to buy a SIM card for temporary use. Although in fact the territory where completely There is no GSM signal, you still need to search.

Sites where the signal is very poor are also in large cities. As a rule, iPhones are not caught in the subway, basements, elevators. The network may disappear inside the building due to the fact that the concrete walls of the room jam the GSM signal. In some buildings, jammers are deliberately used, which impede the excessive enthusiasm of employees for Internet surfing. “Jammers” look something like this:

Previously, “jammers” were willingly placed in educational institutions. Now the use of such devices is minimized. the modern educational process involves the student’s active use of the mobile Internet.

Why Iphone Does Not Catch The Network The Main Reasons

If the GSM signal is weak in the user’s house, this is a reason to make a complaint to the communication provider. The owner of the iPhone needs to call the hotline number and complain about the lack of a network. The application will be submitted to the technical department, whose staff will make every effort to solve the problem.

SIM card is damaged

Mechanical damage to the SIM card or its incorrect trimming can not become the reasons why there is no network on the iPhone. If the card is faulty, the SIM gadget does not recognize at all. This is a completely different problem, the possible solutions of which we proposed in the article “Why the iPhone does not see the SIM card”.

However, a user suffering from a lack of a network on a smartphone should still carry out a visual inspection of the SIM card. If there is dirt on the contacts, carefully remove it. Even the fact that the user removed the SIM card and installed it back into the slot can help return the normal GSM signal.

If the owner of the iPhone has suspicions that the gadget does not catch the network because of the SIM card, he should contact the service office with a passport and replace the SIM. This procedure is free and takes only a couple of minutes.

IOS crash

The failure of the above measures tells the user that the problem may be in the software. For the gadget to work correctly, the latest system updates are required. To check if there are available updates, the user needs to go along the path "Settings"-"The main"-"Software Update".

If, based on the results of the verification, iPhone finds newer software than is installed on the device, the user should download it. If there’s nowhere to update further, you need to refer to the procedure for flashing the gadget. This procedure is simple and does not require contacting a service center. any user will be able to execute it with his own hand. To help the newcomer, our article on flashing the iPhone.

Gadget breakdown

If there is a physical damage to the iPhone, a visit to the masters cannot be avoided. The failure of the gadget to catch the network, as a rule, results in a malfunction of the antenna module. Damage to the antenna is a consequence of the fall or flooding of the gadget. The cost of repair in this case will depend on the iPhone model. Estimated prices are collected in a plate:

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