Why Iphone Screen Always Turns On Itself And How To Fix It

Why Iphone Screen Always Turns On Itself And How To Fix It

Greetings! Spontaneously turning on the display on the phone. this problem can make anyone hysterical. It would seem a simple thing. Well lights up on its own, so what? However. how many inconveniences at once! The main ones include a very fast charge iPhone. The smartphone does not hold too much charge anyway (you can see approximate data and compare it with your own indicators here), and here is also the main consumer of energy. display turns on when he wants. Horror!

It is immediately worth noting that there are three main reasons for this problem. it may be the fault of the software, the telecom operator, or the hardware failure. Yes, everything is so simple. But this is only at first glance. And on the second.

In general, let’s find out soon. how to deal with all this disgrace? Let’s go!

Raise to Wake Feature and Other Software Features

In iOS 10 for the iPhone, starting with the 6S, 6S Plus and SE, the Raise to Wake feature began to work. When it is activated, at the moment when you pick up the device in your hands (lift it from any surface), the screen on its own lights up. This is done for easy unlocking. you just have to put your finger on the Touch ID sensor.

So if you complain that the screen on the iPhone turns on by itself only at the moment when you pick it up. this is the action of this particular option.

In some cases, the Raise to Wake option may not work perfectly, try not to lift it from the surface, but simply shake the locked iPhone. The backlight will light up. A similar situation can occur when the phone is shaking violently, for example, in your pocket.

Therefore, if this is relevant for your phone model, turn off this function and check. Did the auto backlight turn off? For this:

  1. Go to the "Settings". "Screen and Brightness."
  2. We find the item "Lift for activation" and turn it off.

Done? Have you checked? Nothing has changed and the screen may still flash at any time, despite the fact that the phone is locked? There are a few more software features that can make the display behave this way. Here’s what you can do:

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  • Check applications and games installed on the iPhone. Perhaps this is just a “bug” of some particular program. For example, a notification from her should come. the screen lights up, but nothing comes.
  • Jailbreak. Check all tweaks that installed or updated recently. Delete one at a time starting from the most recent. But in general, it is better to remove the jailbreak itself.
  • Reinstall the software, but (important!) Do not recover from the backup. Track whether the screen on the absolutely “clean” device stops flashing on its own.

But all this can be meaningless, because there is a chance that the "root of evil" is in a completely different place. from which you do not expect such a "setup" at all. sim card.

The screen on the iPhone turns on by itself. SIM card is to blame !?

In fact. easily. To be more precise, here the fault is not the SIM card itself, but the entertainment services connected to it. Especially relevant if the SIM card is new. just bought or replaced. over, each operator has one such option, which with some periodicity displays various information on the display. thereby activating it for several tens of seconds without your knowledge.

But such informational messages do not always appear. In some cases, the iPhone will simply turn on the screen, but there will be no text on it.

Here are some options to consider first:

  • Beeline. "Chameleon".
  • MTS MTS News.
  • Megaphone. "Kaleidoscope".
  • Tele 2. "Tele2 theme."
Why Iphone Screen Always Turns On Itself And How To Fix It

It is these services that make the display of your phone or tablet periodically turn on. Yes, for the iPad it will work on a par with the iPhone. For example, on my iPad with a new MTS SIM card, a black screen constantly appeared with the text “The SIM card played sound.”

Turned off "MTS News" and everything went.

Be sure to turn off these services (this can be done either through the operator or by special teams). The "calmed down" screen backlight and battery will thank you.

The display lights up on its own. problems with hardware inside iPhone

Perhaps the saddest option. And you have to be sad because it is impossible to identify one single reason. This is not to say. a locked display is activated from time to time only because of the battery.

The options may be mass and the battery is far from the only one:

  • In the case when this happens during charging. It’s worth checking the power supply, cable and wire connector on the iPhone. You should try to replace the adapter and the Lighting cable, but clean the connector carefully. perhaps it has oxidized or dust has clogged there. You can clean with a brush or a toothpick (metal objects can not!).
  • If, in addition to the screen when locking, lights up by itself, the device (when it is completely turned off) also turns on by itself. it’s worth looking towards the upper loop with the power button.
  • You also need to pay attention to the lower connector and the Home button (especially if moisture got there).
  • And of course, low-quality spare parts and unprofessional repairs. may cause similar display behavior on the iPhone or iPad.

And many, many more. precisely determine the cause of "iron" problems can only in a good service center during the diagnosis. Fortunately, this procedure is almost always free. But I still really hope that you, dear reader, will have a problem solved in some way from the first two paragraphs of this article, and it won’t come to repair.

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