Why Is Samsung Phone Running Out Quickly

Why Is Samsung Phone Running Out Quickly

The non-stop evolution of devices still can not cope with the problem of the dependence of modern smartphones on charging. Constant additional recharging with the active use of the device will tire any owner.

Charging problem

Working with the device naturally leads to a discharged battery, but sometimes it happens too quickly. No matter how advanced the device, the charge level. This is the most painful topic for its owner.

If the smartphone is already relatively old, then the excessive waste of charge is still understandable, but the question of why the new phone is quickly discharged confuses many users. After all, the device was recently purchased, which means that everything should be in order.

A legitimate question arises as to why the phone runs out quickly. You can answer it only by studying all sides of the problem.


With functionality, smartphones manufactured by Samsung have a significant drawback. Almost all manufactured models are equipped with a battery that is not suitable for the filling. Due to this minus, the phone discharges incredibly quickly.

Equipping powerful flagships with batteries suitable for budget devices rather than functional devices, the company deliberately creates a problem.

As a result, an advanced device becomes the owner of scanty capacities and is not able to maintain a charge for active work for a long time. On average, when using the Internet or applications, the charge lasts a maximum of five hours.

This trend creates the need to replace the battery with a similar model with a larger capacity.

Battery problems are another reason why the phone runs out quickly. Battery malfunctions can lead to fast battery consumption. Damage can be mechanical or due to overcharging. The malfunctioning of some parts of the device during the charging cycle can damage the battery.


In addition to battery damage, malfunctions can occur in the phone itself. A charge controller that limits incoming energy may be malfunctioning. When such a situation arises, the incoming energy is not controlled, and the battery recharges.

Overcharging can damage the device’s battery and, as a result, quickly discharge. A swollen battery, even in standby mode, loses a huge amount of charge, and the phone needs to be connected to the network literally every few hours.

Incorrect operation of the radio module. also one of the reasons why the phone runs out quickly. Of course, while in standby mode, the device consumes less power, but there are functions that do not stop working.

The main consumption point in standby mode is the operator’s network, which provides the radio module. As a result. improper operation of the module will increase the amount of charge consumed.


The largest consumer of charge, especially in devices manufactured by Samsung, is the display. The large and bright screen is undoubtedly an advantage, but also the reason why the phone is quickly discharged. "Samsung" with each model it improves the display and applies more and more modern technologies, and as a result, the amount of energy consumption increases.

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It was a huge screen and a weak battery that became the reasons why the phone discharges quickly "Samsung "Galaxy"

Additional functions

Using additional features of the device, such as the Internet, widgets or small applications, you may encounter a large waste of charge.

Ignoring the included Wi-Fi or a working navigator, the user loses about a quarter of the total charge per day.

It seems to be small costs, and if you add here the active work with the device and the expense in standby mode, the situation is unpleasant.


A significant part of the flow is borne by the device system. This is why the phone runs out quickly. "Android"actively working with many applications in the background, wastes most of the total charge.

The mass of applications, inconspicuous widgets and even programs that monitor the status of the battery, consume a lot of energy throughout the day. As a result, even in standby mode, the phone will consume about half the battery per day.

The system will also be downloaded by temporary and files accumulated in the device. Therefore, you should sometimes clean the phone.

Cost reduction

Anyone who wonders why the phone runs out of power quickly will surely look for ways to help reduce energy consumption.

Why Is Samsung Phone Running Out Quickly

But the solution to the problem depends on the cause. To begin with, it is worth determining why the phone discharges very quickly. Applications that can report on battery performance can help in this matter. Such programs will draw up a graph of the energy spent on each item separately.

Reducing consumption in just one parameter will not bring much result. Therefore, it is important to pay at least a little attention to each item. Thus, excellent results can be achieved.

The screen, which became the reason why the phone runs out very quickly, it is advisable to reconfigure. Decreasing the brightness on the display will significantly reduce waste. Especially noticeable results will be on Samsung devices.

But to solve the problem with the system will be much more difficult. Many applications and features. the reason why the phone runs out quickly. "Android" has many settings, and it’s worth starting with the completion of unnecessary applications. Closing applications reduces the load on the phone and thereby reduce energy consumption.

In addition, you can disable functions that are not used or are not particularly important. Constant monitoring of the device will significantly save battery.

On the other hand, a constantly running battery tracking application will determine if all the details of the device are working properly. Does the controller turn off the charge to the already filled battery and if the battery recharges. Installing such a program will pay off in full and is indispensable in the event of a reduction in total consumption.


If the phone has been used for a long time and the charge consumption has increased, you should reset the settings, thereby deleting all old and non-working files. Using this method, it is important to transfer all the necessary data to another medium and remove the flash card. Resetting will also delete all applications. both useful and not.

Battery Replacement

One of the most productive solutions will be replacing the battery with an analog of a larger capacity. Such a choice will not only allow expanding the amount of maH, but will also remove the need to reduce charge consumption.

Low battery. the main reason why the phone runs out quickly. "Samsung Galaxy" especially prone to a similar problem. The line of smartphones equipped with the best screens and fillings has batteries that do not match the capacity of the device.


Understanding where a large amount of energy is spent, you can independently increase the duration of the device. Solving not one point, but several at once, it is quite possible to achieve a good result.

For example, by replacing the battery and reducing the energy spent on all items, it is realistic to get an increase in the device’s performance by 80 percent. For the most part, such indicators will be obtained due to the replacement of the battery, but all other items are also important.

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