Why Is The U1 Chip In The Iphone 11

iPhone 11 received many useful and necessary features. we talked about them in detail during the presentation, which took place on September 10th. In addition to the bright colors and the new processor, the new product received support for Wi-Fi 6, a dual front camera with 12 megapixel lenses and much more. There are also less noticeable improvements in the device, for example, the U1 chip, about which nothing was said at the last presentation. In advertising materials he is also mentioned only in passing. What is this. another revolutionary innovation, or a trifle, without which it was possible to do?

Why Is The U1 Chip In The Iphone 11

iPhone 11 presented in six colors.

The U1 chip uses Ultra Wideband technology for spatial orientation, allowing the iPhone 11 to pinpoint the location of other Apple devices equipped with U1.

Of course, Bluetooth can also be used to determine the location of other devices. Bluetooth trackers work by measuring signal strength: the stronger the signal, the closer it is to the device. But Bluetooth has its flaws. For example, you can relay a signal, then the device will “think” that you are close to it, while in fact you are at a certain distance.

UWB works on a different principle, detecting how long a signal took to reach another device and then go back. Also, a UWB device using directional antennas is able to determine not only the distance, but also the direction of the signal. Therefore, it knows for sure that the mark is, for example, at a distance of two meters to the left.

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Such a chip works with the AirDrop function, which allows iPhone owners to share files without an active Internet connection. In the future, UBW will be able to find application in augmented reality applications, indoor navigation and smart home applications. It is enough to imagine an audio system located throughout the house that controls the volume, turns the speakers on and off, tracking where the user is right now. And when the host appears, the MacBook can not only carefully turn on the music, but also open our Yandex.Zen channel to it, or tell the weather.

Returning to unsafe Bluetooth, we can recall a series of hacking cars using holes in the protocols used by this technology. UWB-enabled devices are much better protected, so switching to them can make the iPhone 11 even more useful for car owners.

Apple is the first company to implement the UWB chip in its smartphone, but if Google, Samsung, HTC and others also support this technology, the Ultra-wide Band chip will soon become the standard on smartphones from other manufacturers.

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Today it’s a useless option, because they didn’t say about it, and if it takes root in 2-3 years, then by then you can change the iPhone again, it’s worth paying today for what you can use in 1-2-3 years, like WiFi 6, today there are very few such providers and devices, almost all PCs with a gigabit port go and most routers too, you’ll change your iPhone once again until it comes to these speeds, you thought better about autonomy, built in how that solar cells for example, one horseradish back panel glass I

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