Why Whatsapp Does Not Work On Iphone 7

Surely you are angry when WhatsApp does not work, we will try to understand together why this may be and we will analyze the main reasons. So, what usually affects the correct operation of the application?

Is it worth rebooting?

Most of the difficulties in running programs and applications are solved in a very simple way: by rebooting.

Why Whatsapp Does Not Work On Iphone 7

In order to restart Vatsap, you can simply restart the phone itself or stop the application and start again then, for this, go to Settings-All applications-Working. We are looking for Watsup and click "Stop"

Timely update

WhatsApp needs to be updated more often. With each update you get a version with more features than the previous one and with fewer bugs. In addition, if you do not track updates, you will not be able to use some functions, they simply will not work.

What it takes to install it is good internet and a little patience. If you have Androyd, then go to the Play Market, in the upper left corner, click on the bars indicating the menu and select: Applications and games. If the application requires updating, then the “update” button will be next to it; if not (as in our example), it will simply “open”

On the iPhone, similarly: we go to Apstor and in the lower right corner select the item “Updates” and look.

Whatsapp does not work today for everyone

Yes, and this happens, for example, on the night of May 3 to 4, 2017. Whatsapp really didn’t work. Many users noticed such a problem and even started a slight “panic” in the forums: “What is happening with Votsap, why it doesn’t work?”. Really no messages were sent and status was not displayed. At the same time, the application refused to work not only, the same thing happened in the USA, Italy, Spain, Turkey and so on. A bit later, the developers officially announced that at the moment there were problems with the servers and they were already working on it.

Soon, the work of the messenger was successfully restored. Therefore, remember that this is likely, but it is extremely rare, for example, the last time it happened on December 31, 2016, then the application probably turned off due to the heavy load.

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Weak internet or lack thereof

It also happens that Whatsapp does not work well or does not work at all because of the weak Internet. This problem is very common. For the functioning of the messenger, it is not necessary to have an ultra-fast connection. A couple of tens of kilobits will be enough. Check if the connection is paid and if there are problems with the quality of the connection. Only after eliminating this option can you look for other reasons.

For the same reason, files from messages may not download, or this may occur due to lack of space. Separately, we talked about:

Do I have to pay money for using?

It used to be necessary. It was supposed to give 0.99 per year per year (about 30 rubles at that time). Currently, this condition has been canceled, from now on the use of WhatsApp is completely free, so you can exclude this item from those factors that you need to worry about.

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If you wrote one message to someone, then another, then the third, looked in a day, in a week, but it still remained unread, and the addressee is not in the know, maybe he blocked you. There is such a feature in WhatsApp. And this does not mean that your version of the messenger does not work. It’s just that you have done something wrong. The only thing you can do is build relationships with the recipient. And then send all the messages again, because after your return from the black list they won’t reach him.

You can also be blocked by WhatsApp. In this case, you might also think that the application is not working. A blocked user loses access to his account. This can happen for a rather commonplace reason: suspicion of spam. Should you, for example, send a large number of messages to numbers that did not add you to your contact list, and for some time you will not be able to use the messenger. You will have to wait a certain period before WhatsApp starts working again.

Nokia 6.1 Votsap does not work. Only after a reboot for a while, then again no messages are received, again you have to restart the phone. And so constantly. I tried to delete the application and install a new one. Which does not change. What else can you try? Reply ↓

What happens with the offer. At the click of a finger, the microphone stopped working during a video call. I will say right away at the apple phone service that everything was checked perfectly. "Iron" works without problems! Now Messages! Calmly sent out up to 20 messages now only 5. What for jokes. Reply ↓

Good afternoon. Who can tell what it means if a subscriber can call me, we can correspond with him. But when I call him, there always comes a half-beep, then a reset, and they write on the screen " not available ". What does this mean ?? Reply ↓

When talking, the screen does not react to pressing the end button, and all the other buttons are the same. Reply ↓